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The Top Four Stories In Halifax

Benjamin Franklin
I got this list from the Halifax Examiner: 

Here are the main points of interest: 

-Blacks Oppose Police Street Checks in Protest

-Northern Pulp - The Closure of Boat Harbour

-Maine - Nova Scotia Ferry Service

-Shannon Park Redevelopment for CFL Stadium and Shopping Area

First, I would just like to say that here in Halifax we have put up with quite a lot of "restrictions" to appease new Federal Government regulations.

Specifically, legal marijuana. 

Halifax residents have agreed to this "partial" prohibition of Public Smoking after the legalization of marijuana, aka Cannabis.

I'm pretty sure that Halifax residents who have all been recently banned from smoking outside in public to help get smoking off the Streets in our Provincial Capitol here in Halifax, this 1920's style partial prohibition has been well tolerated by Halifax citizens because we realize that this is a busy area in the Capitol and that in order to help control marijuana here you have too put up this things like a partial prohibition on smoking, like alcohol in the United States in the 1920's. 

My point is these laws are more "strict" to crack down on crime and let regular citizens like you and me have recreational items at home like legal cannabis. I mean, that is a pretty good trade here in the city...meaning it's a bigger and more prominent area here so there is no space for that extra smoke, then we get to have cannabis.

I don't think Halifax citizens are willing to put up with too many more "prohibitions" on things like the public smoking ban.

They let us have marijuana here in the Capitol and then they banned all public smoking because the city is too busy for all that in this one specific area, meaning there is a partial prohibition in the City only on smoking - this allows us to have legal cannabis in a busy area. 

That "loosens" regular citizens restrictions while cracking down on crime and helping to clean up the area, for example criminals will be inside smoking instead of out at every store front down town everyday blowing smoke in your face with cigarettes and vaporizers. 

This example we are setting in Halifax by allowing the smoking ban shows other City and Town areas in Nova Scotia that it is too busy here and has to be kept clean outside by not allowing public smoking if everyone is allowed to have cannabis.

This keeps the city nicer and sets a good example for the smaller towns and rural areas, when you come to the busy City to visit the Parliament it is clean with no smoking and people hanging around and all the cannabis is in doors.

In fact, setting this example in the Capitol City in Halifax shows what other towns and cities will get later once it passes in Halifax, like they will ban smoking in other City areas if they become to busy and smoking everywhere. 

It's up to the citizens in the Capitol to set the example of what is allowed to take place in Canada, the rules and regulations that happen here will later affect the smaller towns and cities so it's up to us here in the Capitol to make sure only positive changes get passed in Halifax and that we strike down negative issues so they won't come to the smaller areas.

Or at least that's what Benjamin Franklin meant. 

If Halifax residents allow these scams to pass such as no street searches on black men in high crime areas later they will attempt this on smaller more vulnerable towns and cities and then criminals will go in and use these "phony" laws to run crime and scams in smaller areas after they got it passed with fake protests in the larger Capital City - Halifax.

We need to strike down these fake propositions that will only allow criminals to run fake store fronts in crime areas without being searched by police in public.

After that, if it passed through the Parliament in Halifax this criminal activity will spread to smaller areas, towns and cities having gained government approval in the Capitol creating a crime wave in smaller areas.

We need to crush this idea now in the Capitol City before this fake idea of "allowable crime" makes it's way to small areas where people are less likely to know how to defend themselves from violent gangs from the City setting up crime in their local areas of the regulations passed here.

Stopping these regulations here will also prevent the future need to deal with these issues later on a one by one basis as this crime wave spreads to the smaller cities and towns who will have to resolve them on their own, plus here in Halifax at the Government.

In Halifax we have allowed a partial prohibition on  public smoking - do not allow no street checks on black men or anyone in known crime areas, and also end the black flaming of white residents in Halifax by putting in the laws that will stop this activity from taking place and also removing crime areas.

If anything we need more police checks on suspected criminals in our Capitol here in Halifax to make it more safer for regular residents who aren't involved in crimes or flaming. 

Do not allow these activities and fake resolutions to proceed - we are only leaving ourselves to more violent attacks from gangs and harassment at City Bus Stops from violent criminals.

Halifax is the Capitol City - we should be acting like it here to set an example that crime and flaming will not be tolerated in our Country.

Then other areas will learn from us and do the same, then the new more stricter laws on criminal activity and slum areas will be put in place by our Federal Government to help make all towns and cities safer, we can do all that from right here in Halifax by setting the example the these violent criminals will not be tolerated.   


-Blacks Oppose Police Street Checks in Protest

Stopping street checks on suspected criminal activity downtown will only increase criminal activity by allowing criminals to run illegal activities unchecked by police including setting up store fronts to deal drugs and crime with no searching of criminals in front of the stores - ILLEGAL. 

-Northern Pulp - The Closure of Boat Harbour

I think this is about Pictou County place of my home town, they are closing Boat Harbour and probably terminating the extra government money for Native Indians in Pictou County because they are removing boat harbour, this also signals the end of the Pulp Mill there causing all the pollution in the Harbour. 

-Maine - Nova Scotia Ferry Service

Nova Scotia has taken over the repair bill of the Maine Ferry Service in the United States to make sure the ferry  from Nova Scotia to the United States in lower Nova Scotia to Maine remains open.

-Shannon Park Redevelopment for CFL Stadium and Shopping Area

The big wigs just came in and cancelled the public debate on the new site for the CFL Stadium, newsflash they are allowed doing that.

The government has decided to rezone the area, anyone negatively affected will be compensated. They can do that whenever they want anyway, the public debate only goes so far now the government needs the land.

Other uses for the new CFL Stadium - they are talking about making this  a year round facility for other sport activities. 

How about this:

-The CFL Stadium could be used for an outdoor NHL game like the Winter Classic, that would draw great NHL attention to Halifax.

-It could also possible be used for outdoor exhibition MLB games, you could get to see major league baseball.

-The stadium could be used for University Sports Football games like St.FX versus St.Mary's or something.

The stadium could also be used for various winter and summer sports including professing women's Olympic hockey and international hockey games from Europe vs Team Canada in special outdoor games. 

This could also be used for various international exhibition games including soccer and track and field leading up to the Olympics for practice exhibitions games or a special stop for Major League Tennis or something to give our area some attention through various professional and Olympic  international sports and exhibition games.


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