Sunday, March 31, 2019

Are You Kidding Me Halifax? No One At City Hall or the Nova Scotia Government Will Ever Let This Pass

What are doing now down there in the Halifax slum areas? Do they mean black people are allowed to commit crimes down there now in the slums because they are black? 

That's what they mean in their recent protests, black men flaming white citizens like me and Rehtaeh Parsons on City Street's, now they are what...setting up an unregulated crime area downtown? 

Oh yeah...I guarantee that this will never happen.

It looks like downtown in the North End they are intentionally setting up a crime area as regular residents try to get the area demolished and banned from the city. 

It looks like they are setting up store fronts like "seedy arcades" or something to deal drugs out of, then they are all down there hanging around it and came out protesting for black people not to searched by police so they can commit crimes at these "drug fronts" like crappy businesses and make it illegal for the police to stop them.

All while they flame white citizens! 

Are you kidding me Nova Scotia? How do you expect regular citizens to enjoy their day at the park or library in Halifax with all that crap in your face.

They just put in this crazy doughnut shop down there on Gottingen Street and every day they have a huge crowd lined up outside buying doughnuts...what's in those doughnuts down there in the North End anyway heroin packets?

They have this huge crowd down there EVERY DAY lined up buying doughnuts. I mean that must be the busiest doughnut shop in all of Canada.

Then right in front of the store where they have this huge crowd setup they started protesting police street checks on suspected criminal activity downtown. 

Right, so when you go buy heroin at the arcade the crowd outside is protesting the police to stop searching them so they can "deal drugs with no interference". 

Then they said it's all black men, as in the same people that started flaming me in Halifax this month. Now when you go downtown in Halifax they are all out protesting saying that they don't want the police to search them down there in a crime area.

All while they collect welfare checks, pan handle bumming money and making unreported earnings of street dealing illegal narcotics - proceeds of crime and illegal. 

Holy fuck man, do you all like money down there a little too much?

I mean all regular citizens have is their regular income, they have all that plus they bum money every day on the street and make money selling drugs.

Then they start flaming white people when they go down there walking, obviously looking for money. Are you greedy enough down there?

Then they want to set up store fronts to sell drugs potentially or worse (human sex trafficking) and then ban the police from searching them while they commit crimes and carry illegal materials in their pockets like drugs and who knows what.

I think all those people down there are overstepping themselves a lot these days.

There is no way the City of Halifax or Province of Nova Scotia is going to allow any of that activity in the area, these people and neighbourhoods have to be removed now and banned from operating in Canada in groups in public on City Streets.


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