Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Canadian Defense Contractors Issued A Statement Today, Threaten To Lower The Exhcange Rates

The Illegal Canadian Defense Contractors are in the news today, threatening to sink the dollar:

This is the Death Penalty for War Crimes in Canada already, coming from Europe...meaning that they got the Death Penalty in Canada today because their crimes are larger than treason here.

What they are saying is that they have people in place already at a disconnected branch of the Canadian Government being held at the Canadian Military through the Defense Department where they are issuing fake Government contracts and making private citizens in their group get the money through the private Defense Contractor Budgets.

Then they are saying that the illegal Defense Contract Money given to their private Businesses while they work in the Military at the Defense Department will "hurt their economy" if Canadians turn of their money.

This is their operation at the disconnected branch of the Government / Military...

They will then say the Dollar sunk because Canada turned off their illegal money and their friends and family had to stop shopping - which is fake. 

So they are saying if you cancel private defense contracting then the dollar will sink because they have no shopping money.

They  have a disconnected branch of the Canadian Defense Department at the Canadian "currency rates exchange" where they protect the interest rates at the Military for the Commerce Department and they are threatening to artificially drop the Canadian exchange rate to 0.60 Cents American if you try and take the Citizens money back - that is the Death Penalty already in Canada for War Crimes from the International World Courts in Europe.

Then they are saying they are going to blame the currency drop on low shopping, which is the same thing because they meant their money.

Anyway, that doesn't even matter because when the Citizens get the money back on their government checks from the Defense Department we will have extra money anyway, and on top on that they will be forced to lower prices.

If they do that just let them, because that will expose their group at the Canadian Military through the Defense Department and they will all get executed in Canada from outside in Europe.

Again this is why Atlantic Canada is a separate Country from Ontario...for one we don't have this belief system that they are illegally forcing in in Ottawa.

They have artificially elected someone from India as leader of the NDP party...that is fake in Canada.

An Indian from India can not be the Prime Minister of Canada, now they have people from India running the NDP part in the Canadian Parliament - Canada is NOT run from India and that is not welcome in Canada, plus it is all fake from a disconnected branch of the Government.


The NDP Party in Ottawa is probably going to be executed for treason in Canada for pulling that stunt, saying that India runs Canada's Parliament when they can never be Prime Minister because they have to be Canadian.

No one in Atlantic Canada aka Nova Scotia as a Country has that belief system that an Indian should be allowed to run the NDP Party that's why we are separate, no one in Atlantic Canada would ever even listen to that garbage.

Anyway, in Atlantic Canada we should fight Ottawa and Washington D.C. to the Death until everyone one of us here has been killed in a war because we will never submit to India or Washington D.C. because we don't have those beliefs and we're better off being killed in the war than being dictated to by some cunt from India.


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