Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Lawsuit Update: I Have Started Proceedings Against Sobeys, Halifax City Hall & Nova Scotia Government

Halifax Law Courts
As promised yesterday I have begun proceedings against City Hall to stop the flaming of me by black men and poor people from the slums, everyone can participate as needed on your own using this material at home for your own purposes unless when the time comes The Nova Scotia Civil Courts may issue a publication ban on some of that material, none of that applies to todays topics.

This is preliminary work I am doing, but I already informed the Court Clerks at the Halifax Civil Court of what I am doing so that the courts know that I am being flamed during my lawsuit which is the main issue at Halifax City Hall.

The are a several areas in my Case:


To stop the flaming the correct procedure is to file a complaint at City Hall first, I am doing that using the Rahetah Parsons case as a reference and telling them I am being flamed in a similar manner like I was 11 years ago from Sobeys, this time in Halifax during my court case against Sobeys.

The first assumption is that I am being flamed because I am suing Sobeys to stop me from proceeding, people who flamed me in the past are on that list and now it has accelerated to new people flaming me including black men who are doing so in a similar manner to the Rehateah Paraons Case.

Then I am notifying City Hall of the impending lawsuit against them in the complaint.

Then I am going around my neighbourhood and the North End of Halifax to include in the complaint a list of "unsightly properties" which could be the locations of the people flaming me to have the City clean up their properties.

Also in the complaint is that some of the people flaming me including black men like they did to Rehateah Parson may be working for City Contractors of road flagging and other city contracts.

As you know on this page I am against private city contractors doing city work and the flaming may becoming from their staff, that is also in my lawsuit against city hall.

Sobeys and The Sunday Shopping Referendum:

Then I have begun preliminary proceedings against Sobeys in the Halifax Civil Court System and I am suing them for lost wages and personal damages to start.

This is also the origin of the flaming of me, and their staff members or previous staff members are defendants in the case. 

Where I am at today is I have begun to open a file at the Halifax Courts against Sobeys. What I have done is begun the process to request the transcripts of the Sobeys Sunday Shopping Lawsuit which I am using as evidence against Sobeys in my personal court case.

My initial claim is that the Sobeys Sunday Shopping Lawsuit when they overturned the referendum damaged my position at Sobeys Head Office while they are regulated on the Toronto Stock Exchange through Empire, this led to Unconstitutional infractions against me by their staff at my job at Sobeys leading to lost wages. 

I will publish all analysis form the Sunday Shopping Referendum Case on this page and include transcripts when I get them , which is the stage I am at now, unless their is a publication ban.

After I study the court transcripts that will be used as evidence in my case against Sobeys.

Hopefully the Halifax City Hall complaint will stop the flaming.

I won't know where I am going with the case until I get all that done.

After that I may have a lawsuit against the Nova Scotia Government for all those damages, that will be determined later.

Joseph Howe


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