Sunday, March 31, 2019

Why Would People Not Want To Know This Stuff?

Don't come out flaming saying it makes people mad to expose the corrupt government branches, no one is going to defend them except their own staff and people.

No, everybody is going to be HAPPY when they find out certain rules and regulations are illegal in Nova Scotia. No one cares if that affects some business. 

What do they think, that you're not going to say something to them.

In the United States people don't know that Equifax was illegally passed from disconnected government branches just like Sunday Shopping in Nova Scotia, they have to know this stuff so the public can make the corrections.

Some people don't get that, the public is happy everyone is talking about the illegal laws in effect today and where they came from. No one is going to defend the other people.

The citizens have to know about these issues.

What do they think, we're going to let companies like Defence Contractors including Raytheon keep all that stuff anyway? Knowing it's an illegal system.

No, that will never happen. Once everyone knows what they did we can all make the corrections and put all the money where is was supposed to belong.

The United States and Canada can't just sit on these issues and never deal with them, that's why the public is happy about finding this stuff out.

Any people opposing that are the defence contractor people and their public flamers. 

Just remember once their secret is exposed they are out of business, no one lets crime run the government. 


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