Thursday, March 7, 2019

Nova Scotia Residents Told By Government To Live With Bedbugs

Here is a huge problem they are having here in Halifax.

They are saying the Nova Scotia tenancies board says that landlords (fake) don't have to tell tenants the buildings have bedbugs.

Then they say that the units have to be liveable, which includes living with bedbugs.

Uh, are we all getting our rent money back or what because it looks like the apartment buildings owners and the Nova Scotia tenancies board are going to get sued over the bedbugs.

"The act require landlords to provide units that are in a good state of repair, are fit for habitation and comply with all laws respecting standards of health, safety or housing,"

Then they said you have to live with bedbugs, and the landlord doesn't have to tell you.

Then no one will do anything about the bedbug problem and apartment owners wont properly spray the buildings.

Now bedbugs are destroying people furniture, sheets, blankets and clothes in Halifax and landlords don't have to properly spray, notify the tenants of bedbugs or clean the buildings.

In the article they family didn't even get their rent back and had to pay $2000 to replace the furniture destroyed by the building owners.

Then when you move, the next apartment also has bedbugs and you wasted your $2000. They get in the walls and the neighbours apartments and the building won't spray it.

Here is another story about bedbugs:′i-still-can′t-sleep′-when-bedbugs-infest-your-apartment/

In that story she called Community Services in Halifax and they laughed in her face, they always do that first...they humiliate you by laughing at you and then tell you to go fuck yourself. Then they pretend they don't have to cover those items, they are fucking lying at the Government.

"When she called her Community Services case worker she was told that they don’t deal with bedbugs. “He laughed and said they might cover the cost of bed covers and laundry. But how do you come up with money you don’t have? … When I put in the receipts I was declined.”

No, Landlords and the Government didn't clean up the bedbugs and welfare won't help you, now they have caused a bedbug outbreak it's their fault about the bedbugs.

You don't have to be humiliated by that, landlords and the government did it....they are the ones saying you don't need to clean bedbugs and just live with them and won't help you. That's not the tenants that's the government that didn't clean up the bedbug filth problem in Nova Scotia. 

When if this fucking going to end from the Nova Scotia Government?


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