Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Sobeys Lawsuit Update, Sunday Shopping Update and Canadian Defense Department Update

This is my plan to Execute for Treason Branches of the Canadian Military and Defense Department in my Lawsuit again Sobeys Company aka Empire Corporation on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Their execution for treason will take place from Europe which is the protections for Canada from these actions. 

This is an overall update.

Everyone knows I am suing Sobeys, I notified the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia of the lawsuit in 2009 and gave them the evidence and handed in all the names of the floor staff that have to testify in the case. 


I told you that if you came back and flamed me again that this would happen, that happened in October 2019 when I presented purposed work for a Heavy Metal Documentary, people showed up tried to steal my material and flamed me again.

Now I am going to sue the Canadian Department of Defense at the Military for protecting Sobeys on the Stock Market and not following the laws of Canada when I catch them. 

Sobeys tried to steal my Corporate SAP Designs worth millions of dollars to their company from their floor staff at home, then they flamed me on the internet for two years and at my house from their office floor with people in the music community in local rock music. 

Then they tried to steal my record "Collapse - Mechanisms of Oppression" by flaming me to try and make me quit Death Metal music in Halifax. 

Then they flamed me again in 2012 when I was in LA Weekly and tried to force me to give one of my songs to the Death Metal band Terrorizer and terrorize me at home when I lived in New Glasgow harassing me for money and band material, laughing like jackals every ten minutes in front the house I was living in with other residents - nothing happened and  people made them leave.

Sobeys then filed a FAKE RECORD OF EMPLOYMENT against me at the unemployment office after I quite refusing to give them my work to ruin my unemployment checks, then they claimed I was part time staff and tried to make me give them my Corporate Business Designs.

Then they followed me around town flamed me and on the internet for two years until I made them stop.

All those documents were turned in to the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia ten years ago and these are Constitutional Infractions against me by Sobeys that never expire on the Toronto Stock Exchange where my job was in Corporate Compliance at Sobeys - when I quit I turned them all into the Toronto Stock Market and New York Stock Market for Compliance Fraud - nothing happened.

Everyone knows I already beat them in court.

However, I am going after their business partners and government staff protecting their fake Corporation.

If I catch the Canadian Government and the Canadian Military at the Department of Defense covering up Sobeys for their infractions against me I am going to sue them all and turn them into the international courts for treason and give them death penalty in Canada if I catch them.

I will do the same in the United States of America when I also catch them there at the United States Military in their disconnected branches where they run these fake contractors to steal tax payer money here in Canada.

The Canadian Government has failed to acknowledge the illegal changing of the Sunday Shopping laws in Nova Scotia.

That means they are being protected from punishment by the Canadian Military at the Defense Department.

The Canadian Defence Department has blocked the citizens of Nova Scotia to illegally allow Sunday shopping against the laws of Canada.

That is who did it, they are also Defense Contractors like Raytheon.

Since I already won against Sobeys if I catch the Defense Department at the Canadian Military I am suing them in my lawsuit.

I will then implicate them in the changing of the Sunday Shopping law which was done by Sobeys in the Courts in Halifax where I now live.

I am going to destroy you all in court for what you did to me at my home on  June 9,2008 when you tied to steal my work and income for the floor staff at Sobeys Office.


I am going to ruin you all in Canada's courts for the rest of my life.

When I catch the Defense Department I am suing them for Treason for stealing the Sunday Shopping Referendum and giving it to Sobeys and then attempting to steal my Corporate SAP Designs from my home in 2008. 

You and your collaborators in the music scene and the floor staff are all dead to me, I have no feelings for you and I am going to ruin you all in public, in print and in Court and play in a Death Metal band at the same time to humiliate you for the rest of my life for your public criminal actions.

When I catch and sue the Canadian Defense Department I am going to tell the courts that everyone flaming me is their friends and co-workers all bumming me for money and committing treason on the stock market and tax fraud.

When I give the Supreme Court in Halifax your names for flaming me with them from Sobeys you will all be investigated for collaboration for Treason from the Canadian Government.

Then I hope they fucking catch everyone of you.

There will be no money for you from me, you are pigs. 

This may take up to twenty years to complete it is so large, when I am done none of you will be left in Canada who violated my Constitutional rights at my home in June 2008 from your businesses.

You all wanted to find out what I would do if you flamed me again and tried to steal my material again this past October? 

That is what it is, and I am going to implicate you all in my case against the Canadian Government and Canadian Military for trying to steal my property and flaming me like jackals for two years.

Got it yet? 



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