Friday, March 29, 2019

Canada's New Frontier, The Need For Canadian Industrial Expansion

The Last Breath Of Canada's Aged Infrastructure
It is official probably, Canada's infrastructure has run out of gas. Built in the early to mid 1900's Canada's infrastructure today has worn out and shut down including railway, gas and road transportation systems which are just too old, run down and small to carry the weight of a modern day Canada.

The old infrastructure of Canada built around several major City areas across Canada is stretched out too far across the Country and can not support our present day needs.

For example the old CN Railway is just to small and old now to meet the new high pace demands of a technology driven Canada. One rail way and transportation system from the 1950's or older is just not equipped enough for today's demands of Canada's citizens.

For example one out of date rail way system from Ontario is just stretched out to far to service all the industrial needs of Canadians, in essence the rail way system has "run out of gas" and ended up out in the North West Territories with broken engines and no more Cities to visit.

This struggling system one train and transportation system to support the coast to coast demands of Canadians is no longer functional, they have driven out too far and ended up stranded in the new frontier of the wilderness in the territories and oil fields and given up, probably connecting it's last oil pipe somewhere in the Northern Yukon for the last time.

That last oil pipe that was connected by CN Rail was probably the final nail in their coffin, now the old trains and Trans Canada Highway Lines can barely support carry and the oil and goods from coast to coast across Canada by truck and rail, after successfully connecting the last oil pipe.

What that means for Canadians is all their goods and services have to carried on and delivered on by a struggling infrastructure that can barely hold CN Rails own Trains, which may all end up broken down and stranded forever in Canada's North West Territories or Baffin Island unless something is done. 

The Solution - A modern expansion of the Canadian Infrastructure including rail and transportation. 

This is Canada's new frontier, the North West Territories.

New lines and City areas can be built into the North West Territories in the frontier of Canada's wilderness to expand our towns and cities into more modern areas with new local access points for goods and services. 

Cities in Canada which are "pinched" by and old failed infrastructure which is not  large or modern enough to "haul the load" of a present day Canada as consumers needs go up with new technological advancements. 

Canada's major cities need to be expanded and the transportation and rail lines moved out into the frontier of the North West Territories to ease the pressure of current cities and making their resources more available in outer area of Canada's Provinces.

For example large cities will have their old central access points severed and removed, then in turn these "access" points will be redistributed across the provinces to generate growth in the outer areas to turn their small towns into "tiny cities" with new city like resources.

This will take the pressure of larger cities like Toronto by moving their services to the outer towns in Ontario and expanding them there to have "Toronto like access" in smaller town areas.

In turn this will take the pressure off the Toronto Center which will have expanded services for fewer citizens in the main urban area. This will allow more resources per citizens and help grow the area to make room for a larger Toronto. 

In turn the transportation system will be expanded for rail lines and roads like the Tans Canada Highway, instead of one CN Rail from Toronto for all of Canada their will now be several main access points across the country like Montreal and Red Deer. 

This will help grow the local areas away from Toronto like Montreal, which will provide easier services to the East Coast of Canada by taking some of the burden of the Toronto CN Railway System.

The same will be done in the West, moving Toronto services to Red Deer for Rail, Transportation and Infrastructure to their local area away from Toronto.

This will also help to support the new Canada Oil Pipe System which will be distributed through these new local "city like hubs" in the outer provinces from the main urban centers to help grow their areas and provide cheaper heating, transportation and products.

It's time to ditch Canada's old infrastructure and build a new one expanding it coast to coast, the space we will need is in Canada's North West and Yukon territories which will be a new frontier in Canada that we will need to expand our rail and oil lines into to make room for the expanding cities in Canada.

Locally this will take the pressure off busy City Centers by moving government services outward to grow new towns in the outer areas and drive the growth of the urban city centers by giving them room to grow by have expanded services for fewer people.

Remember, Canadian expansion is what you've been asking for. 

Better cities, transportation and more Government services in your local area. That means less trips to the busy cities for selective services and more access in your local areas to help grow Canada.

Support the new frontier of Canada, rail and oil in the North West and Yukon Territories. 


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