Monday, March 18, 2019

United States Defence Department Handing Out Money To Corporations

The United States Defence Department which refuses to pay for the border wall apparently has it's own money anyway,  possibly redirected from the Senate illegally into private hands.

Why is the United States Defence Department handing out it's own money, while not paying for the border wall for their Countries defence?

Apparently the border wall is not the defence department anyway, it's just the Senate in a one time deal. 

This part is in Canada:

National Defence Awards $58 Million Dollar Contract to German Company in Canada to support only 50 positions

Space X Gets $300 Million Dollars to Private Citizens over border wall defence budget

There is where the welfare money is, in private citizens hands at defence contractors...nobody wants any of that garbage, we want higher government checks, clean neighbourhoods with no crime and lower prices.

At the same time in Canada Empire / Sobeys reported their earning wrong:

I know what happened, Sobeys who just bought Farm Boy in Ontario were probably running the store under the table in their real estate division.

Sobeys buys Farm Boy:

The financial correction was probably because they hide their Farm Boy earnings then got caught after the announcement and had to report it.

Then this is all hidden by a disconnected branch of the United States Government and Canadian Government under the Department of Defense in both places. 

Then they use the Commerce Department and Stock Market Compliance Department to block Revenue Canada on their taxes and the Stock Market to hide their earnings through the Military at the Defense Department.

I'm going to keep ruining these people for the rest of my life because they ripped me off on my SAP Designs in Stellation, NS and then their floor staff all flames me on the internet.

Then listen to this, the extra money they are stealing and stealing from the Government with fake budgets for private defence contracts.

They gave all that money to their friends and families and they all opened restaurants and shitty stores with the money then they want us all to go eat there.

Then they are all fucking annoying me all the time for my band money for Collapse and my Book stuff with their floor staff and friends from 11 years ago here in Halifax all the time looking for my stuff.

Then they went out and talked to all these people I know from these fake Companies hidden by the Defence Department where they are illegally changed the laws like the Nova Scotia Shopping Laws that they never corrected.

Then they got them all together with their cunt families and friends from New Glasgow, NS with their office staff and their shitty local businesses they run with their friends and families with the stolen money, then they got the fucking balls to try and say I'm going to give them money in New Glasgow my home town because they know people I used to know.

Then then got a bunch of people I knew like 20 years ago that I hate all lined up waiting for me to give them money when I sell my books when I fucking hate their guts.

Then they're all fucking annoying me all the time about it begging for money and band stuff with their kids crying about how I'm in a band and their not even though they ripped off the Government on their taxes but they "can't be a big music star". 

Then they want my fucking stuff to give out to people in New Glasgow all fucking annoying me all the time with their idiot fucking retarded kids.

I already told you all...I'm not fucking giving you anything! Now get the fuck out of here.

That's what I heard they are doing.

They are all fucking losers, when I catch them all doing that outside and at the Government I'm gonna sue them for every cent they ever made in their life.

So to correct them all, No I'm NOT giving anything to people I used to know in New Glasgow even if it's fucking at Sobeys Company and the Toronto Stock Market.

I'm telling you all right now....I already have Empire Company / Sobeys  defeated in a lawsuit and they know it about my Corporate SAP Designs and it's an Unconstitutional Breach at the Toronto Stock Exchange that never expires.

When I catch Empire being protected by the Defense Department illegally in a disconnected branch of the Canadian Government I'm going to sure Sobeys, The Department of Defence meaning the Canadian Military and The Canadian Government for every cent in the fucking Bank of Canada.

Now fuck off.

-small update-

Right yeah...then well I defeat The Canadian Government in Ottawa and the Canadian Military over Sobeys and the Illegal Sunday Shopping Laws here in Halifax, when I put the money from the Bank of Canada that I'm going to win when I catch them you can all use the interest etc. off that to re-establish Nova Scotia as a Country again which includes Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Citizens of Nova Scotia can all run that out of my Bank Account while I establish my Global Political Platform and meet all the crazy promises I made to the public.

Then we are invading the United States in Washington D.C.  and suing the United States over Defence Contractors sealing our welfare check money through fake companies from the United States like Raytheon which have breached Canada's Sovereignty to take a piece of The United States Federal Reserve for reparations to Atlantic Canada.

Then we are digging up our resources in the North West Territories to raise money  for citizens of Nova Scotia aka Atlantic Canada, then we are invading the Middle East and Africa to eliminate terrorism and establish peace through force in the Third World Region.

This may take several decades but will be established well before the year 2100.


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