Saturday, March 16, 2019

Political Commentary: Stop Jerking Off The President

Illegal Senate Procedures Plague Donald Trumps Presidency 
I will try and break this down in simple terms of larger complicated issues that anyone can understand, and this may not be totally accurate but neither is the United States Senate.

First and related, the Canadian Government has come out and made a new Canada Food Guide which requires even higher nutrition with more produce which no one can afford. 

The Canada Food Guide Department, you can just make those names up now because there's no Government - with examples, one branch of the "Government" has stated that Canada needs more nutrition with a new updated food and nutrition guide, then they released an official study saying no one can afford it.

Another branch of the Canadian Government, The Canada Check Department refuses to issue updated welfare, disability and old age pension check increases and has also cut dental and medical benefits.

Why do you ask? It's because these two departments have been severed in Canada and similarly in the United States and are not communicating - all while citizens demand more money, lower prices and up to date technology installations including wireless internet television and free phone service which are already available but not yet installed.

At the same time the check increases when installed with be extra effective because they also come with cost savings which will stretch your money by saving you on phone, internet, television, rent and food.

So not only will you have more money, prices will be cheaper. 

In Canada tearing down the slums in City areas will also go along with this new re-attached Government Platform which will force poor people living in slums into new housing with more money, meaning they will be in regular clean apartments with a regular house hold income.

Why would people be opposed to this in the slums which they are? 

The answer....crime. Criminals will not be able to operate in the new clean residential areas in Canada with higher check recipient income. The look of the slums will be gone, then their will be no garbage and drug dealing in the streets in the new neighbourhoods.

Removing these "illegal crime zones" in dirty slum areas will cut back on recent scams like the Calgary BitCoin Robbery from these local areas. Anyone opposing these cleaned up areas is a criminal. That is because they are hiding in the slums and running crime and illegal activity.

People not backing the removal of the slums and increases in government checks will be labeled as "criminals" in Canada for wanting run down areas to operate illegal activity.

In the new residential areas garbage, filth, dirt and people not washing and rooting through the garbage will be banned and made illegal. Anyone living in filth and garbage plus not washing will be hospitalized for medical treatment and placed into their proper living unit based on their mental condition. 

This will allow regular citizens to have more money and regular housing with no filth all in sanitary conditions, even on welfare. 

Anyone refusing that will be most likely hospitalized or jailed for criminal activity for trying to create a slum to run criminal enterprises...after this slums will be illegal in Canada.

Where did all the money go? 

Defence Contractors for the United States Military, in Canada and the United States from "companies" like Raytheon.

Stop Jerking Off The President.

You can see this in action right now in the United States, these are terms that everyone here knows...if you don't then you are handicapped so stop talking.

The President of the United States just vetoed a Senate vote to stop his veto. That is not a real procedure even if it's in their law books in the Senate.

Since 2019 has started there has been zero functionality of the United States Senate which has been filled with fake procedures from a "disconnected" branch of the United States Government, just like here in Canada.

Meaning that Trump is following the regular procedure, then they stop with a fake rule, then he vetos the fake rule putting the real one back and wasting almost 90 Days of Senate work in Washington D.C.

That is a pointless procedure, at the end of the discussion the Senate has to agree on the regular rule which is the Veto for the voters interests who elected him.

If they don't do that the Presidential power is gone and stolen at the State Level.

They made these fake procedures that go no where, every time they enact a regular procedure the opposition enacts a fake one to stall them.

Then the President had the override again at the end of the day or there is no Presidents Office, making his position pointless.

They drag a day long vote and possible veto into a three month waste of time.

Everyone knows this is how it works....the President signs a bill after they vote...if the vote goes against the President he declares a National Emergency in a veto to get the emergency funding.

Then it is finished. 

They just tried to vote on the veto after they lost or something, making him veto it twice....a waste of time from a failed United States Senate. 

I feel sorry for President Trump because they don't have these issues in Corporate Business like they do in the Senate.

Like this the Democrats refused to work and sign the Border Wall Funding Bill, then they agreed with less funding.

Then Trump issued the Emergency Declaration to get the money, then they sued him and voted to stop the emergency funding which he vetoed a second time.

That's the same veto twice.

Once on the declaration and once on the vote to stop the Emergency Declaration Funding.

That is illegal in the Senate.

If that is murder, then is double jeopardy. That's the same as being found not guilty of murder then being tried again because you got released. 

They are not allowed doing that in the United States.

Then they sued him over it...that was done by Defence Contractors working for the United States Military.

That means a branch of the United States Military disconnected a piece of the United States Government, then they used it to start a business like Raytheon a private contractor to earn private money off their Military Positions - Treason and Execution in the United States.

They are the ones suing the President for trying to cut their budget by saying it's "hurting their economy" meaning private citizens in California. 

They are not allowed doing that. 

I'm not saying it's the entire United States Military, just the section under Defence Contracting.

Like they have Area 51 and The Manhattan Project - the Atomic Bomb.

Then they have internet and commerce protections like the 5G Wireless Network - which the same people are most likely holding against the citizens wishes to make private money at home through the Defence Contractors in charge of the 5G Network. 

Which is what they said in the lawsuit.

The Defence Contractors suing are under the 5G wireless network branch of the United States Military and are suing for the President taking their budget.

They even tried to open a new Smartphone Company from China as the public demands free service, which they are denying is from China.

The same people like Raytheon are from places like the Military and MIT and working on building the worlds first computer for the United States Military and the world's internet including the 5G Network.

Now, the Defence Contractors are suing the President from home through the United States Military Department of Defence for lost budgets for the phone and information technology network budget from Washington D.C. - illegal.

Then they are "slipping in" new procedures into the United States Senate to try and trick the President and the Voters into dropping the budget proposals so they can be given to Defence Contractors like Raytheon and "make work" projects like "cannon shell" research instead with the money from Washington D.C.

They even tried to slit the throat of the voters and the President by illegally opening a new Smartphone Service by illegally holding the 5G Network at the Department of Defence through a branch of the United States Military which is using to make money for Private Citizens like the staff at Raytheon.

How did all this come out?

The United States Citizens elected Donald Trump as President to enact a regular Constitutional procedure like border wall funding and it wasn't there.

That's right the Constitutional Procedure voted for by the Citizens wasn't running in the Senate when the voters elected Donald Trump...United States Senate over.

Instead it was replaced by Defence Contractors through a branch of the United States Military Department of Defence with fake procedures to transfer Congressional Funding for the United States Border Protections to Private Defence Contractors, citizens in California, to do cannon shell research and develop Information Technology Projects for the staff at private companies like Raytheon, which is run by being backed by a branch of the United States Military through the Defence Department.

Right now, the Democrats are using these illegal processes to block the border wall funding and transfer it to Defence Contractors which is the same things happening in Canada with the Nutrition Guide Recommendations and the Welfare Check Payments to cover the costs which have been disconnected from each other.

Meaning in Canada when the Nutrition Department issues the Food Guide Requirement the Welfare doesn't issue the check increase to cover the expenses, then the money is at companies in Canada like Raytheon where they also operate from inside the United States at the United States Department of Defence which is penetrating Canada's welfare budget system cross border.

So there you go citizens, the United States Military and Defence Contractors stole your money including border funding and welfare checks in Canada.

That's because it's a United States Military based Private Defence Contractor operating inside Canada.

How the Canadian welfare budget is being transferred to US Company Raytheon is to be determined but it will be similar to the events in the United States Senate.

These groups futures do not look promising from the citizens in the Canada and the United States.


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