Friday, March 29, 2019

National Post: Canada Needs "Reality Check" On China Trade Deal

Oh yeah right, I'm surprised this is in the National Post: 

The Summary:

There is some kind of Canola Oil dispute, China is ordering less Canadian Canola Oil recently. 

Also, Huawei Company trade issue damaging Canada - China economic relations.

Those are the issue's they are saying that will make opening new trade deals in the future not feasible. However, that is not what I am talking about like they are saying in the article.

I am talking about new trade deals with the actual government of China like for Canadian Minerals in the North West Territories, not industry products like Canola Oil.

In the article they reference stuff like consumer products like canola oil trade relations and smart phone technology companies which is mostly private trade probably.

Government trade for actual trade between two Countries outside of private business relationships is totally separate from that, for example Canada owned minerals sold off cheap to China in order for us to quickly raise money to give back to citizens and use for economic improvements.

Country to Country -  Canada to China.

Not private business like canola oil and smart phones which operate "private" from within Canada which is the consumer "economic market".

In the article they are talking about state owned enterprises, however I think they mean places like Huawei who operate private in Canada but have limited access to Chinese functions back at home through official government procedures.


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