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The Last House In The Slums Of Halifax

Agricola Street Halifax - North End Slums
A lot of people tell me hearing stories about people in the slums makes them right "racist" feeling and gives them a feeling of hatred for these run down neighbourhoods. 

Not specifically the run down houses but the stuff people are doing there. The slums in Halifax around the North End and Agricola Street which is the block up from Gottingen Street, which looks like it fell down again, are in even worse shape than ever with the City demolishing old abandoned structures down there.

It looks even worse than ever, and the stories are just the same. Over the last decade probably the City of Halifax has done a lot of great renovation projects and business developments in the downtown area but in the process has removed a lot of old housing, now all these people are crammed into the North End and Agricola Street which seems to have replaced Gottingen Street as the new worst street in Halifax. 

What did everyone move up there or what? The houses look they are about to fall in from water damage and they have businesses in them on the ground floor. You can see on the top condemned housing and on the street they have restaurants and businesses in them.  

Nova Scotia is the second worse province in Canada for bedbugs next to Ontario, Halifax apparently is only second worse in bedbugs to Toronto.

I would just assume that the houses in the North End and Agricola Street are probably full of bedbugs judging from the looks of them, meaning they look condemned. I would never eat in a restaurant down there in the North End of Halifax, all the apartments above them are full of bedbugs I heard.

The bedbugs would be getting into the restaurant walls in the condemned buildings and getting in the food, most of the businesses down there are old houses converted into store fronts with apartments in them and prone to bedbugs.

Bedbugs in the condemned houses on the upper floors will totally contaminate and form a hive that will fill the restaurant. When you go into those restaurants you may not see bedbugs but they will be in the walls in the kitchen and  might be in the food in the restaurant. That's because they are just old houses with stores in them, plus other stores like furniture and clothing stores may be infested with bedbugs.

Clothes or furniture could be contaminated with bedbugs and infest your apartment or house when you take the stuff home, plus if you eat there there may be bedbugs or filth in the food from their hive.

I wouldn't shop or eat there. 

That's the kind of stuff you're dealing with in the slums, then the people there start harassing you all the time. 

Hopefully, this story will help you understand the people who live in the slums from some of my experiences with them. It is the story of the last house in the slums, or more like the people who live there in that house or situation.

Years ago I knew people who turned out to be from the slums but I didn't know how poor they actually were, they are the people who are the last person to leave the slums when they tear down the neighbourhood, then the City has to order them to leave. If you want to find out where these types of stories originate it's in the last house in the slums before it gets torn down, they are the people that have to be ordered out by the City before they plow the area.

Of course years ago I didn't know that's who they were, then they were flaming me on the internet and stuff but this is a separate yet related story of that, a "microcosm" you could call it...meaning a small snapshot of a larger event that I witnessed.

I'm saying that these bizarre events that unfolded in front of me I found out later were coming from the group of people who are so poor they are the last residents of the condemned neighbourhood when they demolish it, plus the City has to force them to leave.

This story is a "metaphor" or example of what happened meaning it didn't all happen at once but's it's true this is a long time ago and out of sequence because it happened over several years. So I have condensed it into an example.

Just remember I put the run to these people a long time ago. 

What happened was I have been working on music and books for a long time and I met all these people, one group was from the slums but I didn't realize how bad it was until later and today it is still going on. These days they are all living in the last house scheduled for demolition in the slums and won't leave until the City orders them out, like it's some crack house or something.

Years ago I knew some of these people and this is what happened. Everyone was supposed to be coming over to my house to play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1, from the late 1970's / early 1980's and work on books characters and stuff that turned out to be Space Command .

I was working on a Star Wars like concept and trying to come up with characters and action figure designs etc, for the book and make a comic or something out of it. 

The point was these people said they wanted to hang out and talk about my book stuff while I was working on the characters and action figure designs etc. and I was showing them my work stuff from it, then we were supposed to be playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1. 

It turns out that all there were doing at my house was bumming me and trying to meet girls, today I think all these people were born senile. 

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1 is clearly the best version of Dungeons & Dragons and has a pretty high learning curve, I figured that by the time I was in my 40's that everyone would know how to play the game now by it's Official Rules from the TSR Handbook.

That's no easy task, I thought I was going to be playing Official Tournament Rules Advanced Dungeons & Dragons at my house finally and then working on a book like Star Wars or something and making up toy and action figure designs. 

Everyone told me that we were going to be playing official rules Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1 at my house and then I was letting them come over and I was showing them my stuff for Space Command, like characters, plots, stories, toy designs etc. while we were playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. 

I thought they wanted to play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and work on book plots and character designs for Space Command which is what they said. I said ok, we're just hanging out and played Dungeons & Dragons and I'll show you my stuff for Space Command.

However, that's not what they were doing.

They were all there bumming and trying to meet girls off me. It turns out that they didn't even like Dungeons & Dragons or Star Wars, plus they had no interest in trying to make a Science Fiction book like Space Command and they had no ideas at all. Plus they said they were interested in designing toys and stuff but they were just making it up to come to my house to bum me for stuff.

I thought "What a bunch of fucking pricks." They did the same thing with stuff like Kevin Smith stuff with the movies Clerks and Mallrats. 

When Clerks came out I was like 18 or something and everyone was working in retail jobs and the movie was super popular where I lived, everyone said it was there favorite movie and were all into Jay and Silent Bob, still two of my favorite characters.

That is kind of similar to Space Command I am on working because it's comic book stuff and stuff like Wizard Magazine and comic book stores.  They all said that they liked that stuff like Comics, Clerks, Mallrats, Jay and Silent Bob etc. but they were just pretending. 

They all knew I was really watching that stuff like Clerks, Mall Rats, going to the comic book store, watching Star Wars and playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. I'm not just some dork though, I'm actually working on making that stuff for a business or something that will hopefully take off. 

All these poor people from the slums (also where I was flamed on the internet) started hanging around me pretending to like Star Wars, Comics, Dungeons & Dragons, Heavy Metal music Kevin Smith movies etc. to come over to my house and bum me for stuff - today they live in the last house in the slums and won't leave while the neighbourhood is getting torn down in some crack house.

I thought I was going be playing Official Rules Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1, a big promise to me, and working on Space Command stuff for a protentional book and comic.

As it turns out they didn't even like any of that stuff and were just lying to bum me for money and stuff or use my video game system. I didn't realize they were that poor.

When the time came, they weren't able to learn Dungeons & Dragons and didn't want to play it. Then they said they didn't want to work on book stuff for something like a "Star Wars" type story.

Then they started bumming me and saying that they "owned a piece of my music and book stuff" because they were hanging around my house and wanted money from my career, then they said no one liked me (meaning in the slums, where they are from) and I had no friends, so if I wanted them at my house to play games and eat my food when they come over they wanted a cut of my music and book money.

I said to them..."Oh yeah, that's a big loss that no one in the slums wants to be my friend." Then I said "Oh, you were all just pretending to like Dungeons & Dragons but you really don't like me because I'm not from The North End of Halifax and don't live in a crack house, then your gonna think that I need you to have friends because you're the only people in the world. Then you didn't have nothing to contribute to my book stuff but you just want the money anyway because you think I'm a loser and I'll have to pay you now if I want friends to play Dungeons & Dragons with."

Then I put the run to them for the rest of my life and that was years ago, it's just another example that happened of their crazy senile like behavior down there in the slums. 

Telling an Advanced Dungeon's & Dragons 1 fan that you're all coming down to play by the Official Rules and work on a Science Fiction plot for a book and comic with them just to be mean and bum money is not something you can ever recover from in life.

Yeah, no loss you couldn't even play they didn't even like it. They were just down there to bum stuff and try and meet girls off me. The big deal there is that they said no one in the slums would like me or wanted to be my friend unless I paid them money from my music and book stuff to squad around my house looking for girls.

Yeah, you're not even people to me anyway. That's also why I hate the slums and think they should all be removed so Canada and places like that can get rid of those people's bizarre behavior.

That shit with the Dungeons & Dragons game was the end of all that for me, you can't hang out with people from the slums because they are not normal. Keep in mind that I didn't realize at the time years ago that they were so poor and needed to pretended to like stuff like Dungeons & Dragons, Kevin Smith Movies and Star Wars to go to people houses to bum their money.

Then they wanted money because I was working on stuff like that when they were down there bumming. Is there any low a bum won't resort to?

Ironically, they pretended to like the movies Clerks years ago and it's a cult favorite. Today, they are the characters portrayed in the movie that Kevin Smith is making fun of, they are all those dumb characters annoying them at the convivence store and are probably the same people Kevin Smith makes fun of in the movie Clerks.

Today they are up to the same antics, now they are all going out to dinner together and eating steaks and hamburgers pretending to be this popular crowd at the bar. I saw them when I was out one day.

Here is the point, they are just pretending. 

Everyone knows they don't actually like going out to the bar to eat and have fun, they were just doing that to bum money off me.

Now they all went out and tried to make me jealous by all going out to dinner all together and "having fun in front of me" to try and make me jealous or something. If I went over it would all be just a fa├žade for them to bum money.

Then they would say "if you want to eat and have fun with us at the bar you'll have to give us money to be your friend"....yeah right. 

No they are just doing that to try and bum money, putting on a show copying things you like when they hate them to get you to come over lying so they can bum money.

Just watch out for that scam out there.

That is what they do in the last house in the slums.


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