Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Halifax In The Future

This picture is a mock up that someone else made that I am using as an example to show what Halifax will look like in the future.

I actually am going to build this out of my pocket for free when I get my settlement from the Bank Of Canada when we re-launch Nova Scotia.

It doesn't matter if we even need it or not, I'm going to build a futuristic city in Halifax when I get all that money and resources from my Government Settlements from Canada and the Defense Department.

Then we will all live in the Jetsons, and it will be permanently maintained and upkept - then Halifax will be the World's First City of The Future - I will pay for that out of my pocket when I get that money, this will help launch the Country of Nova Scotia into the future.

Then all that free internet and resources I have been going on about will be provided free for our new City and we will all live in the future now, built from the ground up starting today so Halifax Citizens can be the first people to live in the actual future when we construct it on purpose just for ourselves to live in.

Halifax In The Future


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