Friday, March 15, 2019

Who Are The Canada BitCoin Fraudsters?

Are The BitCoin Fraudsters Heavy Metal Scammers?
Right away when I saw this I said..."These are the people spamming my band email." then I saw they are from Calgary, Alberta where they have a past history of harassing me over my band and being in LA Weekly in Death Metal.

I'm sure these are the people that keep spamming my band email address on my website , then they keep spamming the comments of my music blog, , they keep posting online Casino ads in my comments section and website address, then they keep writing me saying I have to give them money on BitCoin.

When I looked at the news story I thought that the news story looked like a Police sting in action, then they said it's "cross Canada" meaning this may be some kind of network of criminals stealing credit card information across Canada in some online Casino and BitCoin scam.

CANADA: Nationwide Manhunt For BitCoin Fraudsters - $200,000 BitCoin Robbery In Calgary, Canada.

I said that this must be related to heavy metal music because that's the same spam I am getting...and all that comes from the North End of Halifax and the same thing happened with people from Calgary who said they "worked in the heavy metal music" and tried to make me give one of my songs to the death metal band "Terrorizer" that was in the LA Weekly Article and they were harassing me on Facebook, obviously fake and I put the run to them.

If any of that is true then they are probably from the North End of Halifax and other slums across Canada like in Calgary and are involved in Heavy Metal Music based on the spam I am getting in my band email.

That would mean they are around Calgary music scene and could be making crazy claims about the magazine LA Weekly.

$200,000 dollars is way to much money to steal, come off it...they are going to get 100 years in prison.

I think the money is connected to a cross Canada heavy metal music crime ring and they are going to use the $200,000 to crowd fund their band on BangerTV in Toronto to get their bands out and possibly fund heavy metal bands and maybe even bootleg albums in Montreal or make a record label.

Coincidentally, Banger TV which is crowd funded and uses the money to promote heavy metal bands also says their subscriptions just doubled and donations went up.

Could that $200,000 be being used to make heavy metal bands, bootleg and promote on Banger TV which is kind of like television?

That's what people were saying to me when they were harassing me for money and flaming me in the music scene...they keep harassing me for money like the BitCoin people in my email, in the past they wanted me to give them money and it was for their heavy metal bands.

They stopped flaming me, and now it's all BitCoin spam in my email but it looks the same. 

Then it might also be used for drug dealing money and they are selling illegal marijuana that's a $1 Million Dollar fine on top of that.  

Of course that it all just speculation, but it's what I think of when I see BitCoin because the people spamming me are all saying heavy metal and casino stuff in my webpage comments and at my band email.

I would assume it's connected to the music scene robbing BitCoint to put their bands out in the slums in a credit theft ring or something across Canada plus illegal drug dealing, but that is just a theory and could be unrelated, but it's all coming form inside Canada though as far as I can tell.

Now they want $650 dollars from me and keep sending their BitCoin account number to my band in their latest spam.


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