Monday, March 4, 2019

Liars In Heavy Metal

Original video footage of Napalm Death singer released this week from some metal documentary called "Slave To The Grind", this footage has been out for years plus it's also a rare audio bootleg.

Then you check the youtube date and it was just re-uploaded on March 2, 2019, the concert is from November 28,1988. 

The original version was uploaded in 2013:

Yeah, that's like six years ago.

So someone just reuploaded the same video to get their news story out on heavy metal pages but it's the same video and their taking credit for it.

If you check the same video was just shared on that page on February 12,2019. didn't make that video and doesn't own it, it's just a link to the original version from 2013, I'm just linking to that to show that shared the link first before that documentary.

Yeah, it's not new footage.

Now someone else is saying they just released this "unseen" footage and got it on music news pages but it's already been out for six years anyway. 

No you didn't release the video, plus it looks like the same rip, you are a liar in heavy metal. Fuck off.


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