Wednesday, March 6, 2019

United States Government Battling Over Free 5g Network With China In Smartphone Market

United States Military Arguing With China Over 5G Network
All you people should really cut back on your smartphone use to cost these people money.

Huawei Electronics is suing the United States Government for banning it from the 5G Network, Huawei would be like a new Telus Mobility but the United States Government has banned them from the network.

Meaning, the United States Government is the main owner, duh, of the 5G Network and has it sourced out to private companies for a financial return.

In turn, the United States and Canadian Governments won't raise welfare/disability/old age pension while they increase food and cost of living expenses.

For example, the welfare gives you $100 and tells you buy four $100 items out of it. Not possible. Then when you ask them about the reason they tell you to go fuck yourself.

The 5G Network is a free internet service that works on all Laptops, Desktops, Tablets etc. once they are all updated. After that Smartphones are free on wireless internet.

Once the 5G Network is removed from the United States Government and placed back in the hands of the population who paid for it through tax dollars and phone usage, their current usage plans will be scrapped.

Companies like Huawei and Telus will not be allowed to operate on the free Smartphone and Wireless Internet anyway.

Then that will be it. We will have free phone and internet.

If you cut back on the Smartphone Usage that will damage the United States Economy who is backing the 5G Network, and help put Smartphone Companies out of business so the public can use the free wireless internet it provides for the United States Military and United States Government.

The 5G Network should not only be a tool for the United States Military and United States Government Revenue Systems.

Huawei Electronics has been banned from the 5G Network, meaning they can't open a new Smartphone company, for being a Chinese based Government run business. 

That's because China's Government will have all of everyone's personal information at their Government run company.

The Huawei CEO apparently was arrested in Canada and if facing an extradition to the United States in some criminal investigation, at the same time two Canadians connected to the story have been arrested in China.

The United States Military, this summer has come out and banned China from opening a Smartphone business on the 5G Network under section 889 of the National Defense Authorization Act and is taking ownership of the business of the 5G Phone Network like they also do in China.

Except in the United States the Military is running the 5G Network and has the business of it contracted out to private companies, in China the Government or Military would run it directly.

The free 5G internet network is owned by the United States Military as a business, they have claimed against Huawei a government run business from China that they will be using it for spying on North America.

When you use your Smartphone and Internet both a free service paid for by United States Taxpayers probably alone, the money goes to the United States Military who has banned the population from the free internet service just like they banned Huawei from opening a company on it. 

The point here is they are fighting about public property, the 5G Network for free internet and phone is like the local park anyone can use it.

The United States Military has stepped in between the public and this free service and banned the population from using while, just like banning us from the park, after it has been paid for by taxpayers and against the requests from the public. 

The 5G Network is not owned by the United States Military in Washington D.C. it is owned by the public like the local parks.

All while they price gouge us at the grocery store and won't increase check payments and government rebates.

In fact what does the United States Military in Washington D.C. give us anyway?

They triple charge or more for internet across multiple services, increase food and housing prices and fail to produce valued and stable jobs with career futures, even the ones advertised in the University Guide Books have not been fulfilled.

Where are the jobs promised to us by the United States Government and advertised in University Handbooks?

Why does the Military care? All their wages are paid for by US Taxpayers and the 5G Network off companies like Telus Mobility.

Now the United States Military under the Defense Authorization Act, separate from the public with no vote or discussion and stated their own paperworks, the 5G network by banning companies from using it.

That is just like living in China here in North America.

So I ask...when did the United States Military come out and say they owned North America anyway?

That is public property just like the 5G Network, and where is our cash payments from your supposed governments to buy all those items your selling from the United States Military?

I mean, who's going to buy that crap their selling?

They won't even give us the money for it, not even $200 a month to welfare so recipients can afford the Canada food guide portions and nutrition and maybe get cleaning supplies.  

Are you fucking joking? You're no one on this Continent in the United States Military in Washington D.C.  anyway, specifically from the public.

Go to China and live there if you want to get your dick sucked by the public.


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