Thursday, March 28, 2019

Halifax: Scam Busted In Nova Scotia

So was I out walking around looking at properties and business and stuff for examples of protentional  crime zones in my complaint to Halifax City Hall.

What can nobody drive in Halifax or what? It's bumper to bumper out there and everyone's all over the road all honking at each to show them where to drive...meaning telling them to get out of the way and it's all just no traffic laws, 100 miles and hour and bumper to bumper.

You guys are crazy out there in that traffic man watch out for walking and driving in that.

Here is the problem, the city is TOO CONDENSED, the traffic is getting super condensed and streets aren't large enough to hold all the traffic.

The Solution: The City Needs To Be Expanded.

The Halifax area needs to be expanded for like 25 miles out from around the center of the city, they need to uncondense  that traffic by widening the roads and expanding them out like 25 miles to relieve the pressure of the traffic.

Then they need to take the local services and spread them out further apart and add new offices to expand the City, that way the city will hold more people and services by widening and lengthening the roads to move some of the city services outward with new housing to get the people OUT of the center of the city and spread them around the city better for the expansion of Halifax.

That needs to happen right now!


This is what happened to me in Halifax -  black guys came up to me as a "business man type" or "university student" type and tried to "call me aside" to start talking to me.

Then when I was out they tried to force themselves into my personal space by hanging off me like in New York City or something, then when you go out they try and hang off you like at the Bank Machine and Tim Hortons bumming off you.


I put the run to them all and that's it.

Here is the rest of the scam...

They start hanging off you and trying to "be around you" like hanging out at your house and stuff.

Then when they get in your house hanging out in the kitchen or something they go..."Yeah we just went into your linen closet and got some towels to sit at the beach on your property."

So they come over to your house they then start trying to use your stuff out of your bed room like your blankets and stuff and start hanging out on your lawn and stuff.

What I mean is they try and start living at your house.

They come over to hang out and then they go...."yeah I'm just gonna run upstairs and grab some towels out of your linen closet and I have some friends coming over to use your pool, them we all needed some towels and stuff."

Like they try and move in to your house.

They come to hang out then all these people show up and they try and start using your towels and pool and stuff with all these other people like they are living with you and sharing your stuff.


That's what happened to me!!!


Make sure not to fall for that scam in Halifax!!! Those people are not your friends!!!

The best thing to is to try and differentiate yourself from that crowd by dressing different to show you're not one of the people flaming people and involved in scams. 

I mean try and look different than them so they won't try and come bother you by saying you're in a different crowd than them.

Make sure not to share your personal possessions with other people like your towels and stuff! They will think they are living there and try and move in with you by hanging out there too much and bringing a crowd over. 


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