Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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You can follow along with me on Twitter where I post my reference material and articles that I use to write this blog, I also include small comments about the articles.

This is also know as the "No Rice A Roni, Lima Bean eating Flour Boys Club".

If you don't get that, it's also True Norwegian Black Metal only...meaning no Flour Boy's or posers.

What do Four Boys do? Well I think their at home playing in the flour all day eating Rice A Roni and Lima Beans while we're all out being true Black Metal and Death Metal.

If you still didn't get that your big hero's, the Flour Boy's aren't welcome here and you're not getting my band stuff or money when I sell my books etc. we're all to busy being real, go back to your Elmo dolls and being a Flour Boy.




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