Saturday, March 23, 2019

Defence Department Scandal: Defence Department Implicated In Forced Prositiution Ring In Halifax

Defence Department Accountable In Human Trafficking Cases

by Jason MacKenzie - Internet Blogger - 

In Nova Scotia everyone knows that the Disconnected Branch at the Canadian Military is responsible for the stealing of the Nova Scotia Sunday Shopping Referendum which was handed over to Sobeys Company to allow them to illegally operate on Sundays.

No one ever stepped forward to take responsibility from the Government or Military to explain or correct these breaches to the foundation of our Country's Constitution. 

That responsibility was abandoned by the Canadian Military at the Defence Department, leading to series of criminal complaints against their fake government organization.

The Canadian Defense Department which has abandoned the Citizens of Nova Scotia has not protected the citizens and has only participated in the handing out to their group only of Defence Contractors our taxpayer money to companies like Irving Oil, Raytheon and Sobeys who they gave a referendum to over the votes of the citizens in a fake court case.

In fact, The Canadian Defence Department never even made me an offer on my Corporate SAP Designs and refused to hire me at their Defense Contractor Lockheed Martin in Dartmouth,NS knowing I had built the servers and finished all the work.

Instead they led Sobeys attack me at their office and trying to steal my designs with their office staff and flame me for two years at my home while they handed out other contracts to Private Defence Contractors free from taxpayer money - without offering me a cent or a job at their offices in SAP Design - making them a fake government with fake companies like Sobeys. 

The Defense Department is also responsible for the recent crime wave in Halifax of Forced Prostitution, Drug Dealing, Home Invasions, Counterfeiting Money and A bitcoin robbery of $200,000 in a cross Canada scam.

Just like the Sunday Shopping Referendum the Defense Department is responsible for that as well because it is coming from their disconnected branch of the Military.

Their Department is responsible for not protecting the citizens while they allow illegal companies to operate with our tax money like Sobeys and Irving while they let criminals attack us in the streets, flame us at our houses and force our young girls into prostitution by allowing these criminals to operate.

They are probably also allowing the illegal importing of drugs in the Halifax Harbour at the Port with Border Services and drug dealing in our streets causing a "Death Wish Movie" like crime wave in Halifax by blocking the citizens from protections and feeding them to these violent criminals and not protecting us.

All while they hand out illegal government contracts and give nothing to the citizens and allow violent criminals to flame people like my self while they protect their business partners at Sobeys by allowing their floor staff to flame me and try to steal my Corporate SAP Designs, all while they at the Defense Department steal our referendums in Nova Scotia and give them to companies like Sobeys while they allow their floor staff to flame me and steal my work then not hire me at their contractors like Lockheed Martin - I would assume because I didn't give Sobeys my Software Designs for free like they gave them the Citizens vote in fake court case.

They are also responsible for black male gang rapes in Halifax by violent criminals on our white high school students which led to their suicide though group hazing in Halifax by Gangs of Violent Black Criminals all being protected from prosecution by the Canadian Military at the Defense Department.

The time will soon come when the Canadian Military faces who they are from the Citizens of Nova Scotia, then they will be exposed for the violent criminals they are and sentenced to Death in Europe for their war crimes in Halifax with their Private Defence Contractors who are stealing our money and most likely running the crime wave with violent Black Gangs in our schools and streets.


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