Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Group Hazings In Halifax

Now this topic for me is at a new height of annoyance for me here in Halifax, people flaming and harassing the public.

What if prostitution was legalized in Halifax? Would that end the flaming of white residents? 

My opinion is this...recently I was flamed again like I was over 10 years ago from the same area, the slums in Halifax and my hometown. 

Since then I have been a advocate against group flaming's and hazing's like the Rehataeh Parsons case, where they hazed a rape victim into suicide with groups of black people.

Recently, I was told that people from my home town wanted my money and that they were going to send "black people" to start harassing me saying that I wasn't going to be allowed to have a girlfriend because black men were not going to allow it in Halifax, in my same neighbourhood people were arrested for human trafficking and forced prostitution.

Then they said that black people were going to steal my blonde girlfriend because I wouldn't give people from my home town money and in the North End Slums of Halifax money.

Well, since these "people" aren't allowing me to have a girlfriend in Halifax then I guess I will be allowed to visit prostitutes then. That way I can have a regular relationship like all the other Halifax residents have, except for me people outside my property keep interfering in my personal business...from slum areas.

So when prostitution is legalized since the slums aren't allowing regular citizens to have girlfriends since they apparently own Halifax, we'll all have to be somewhere else inside for privacy.

Then what, are the groups of flamers and hazers in Halifax going down to the prostitution services and "flaming me" for trying to go out with legal prostitutes?

Well, that's what they said they were going to go.

After that I was out walking and people started trying to pick a fight with me on the Halifax Commons from the North End area and then they sent black people to start harassing me and flaming me by the Junior High School and City Bus stop.

Just like they said. The bums in the North End and from my hometown got these people to flame me with black men, looking for money, saying they weren't going to let me have a girlfriend unless I gave poor people in the slums money.

This is exactly the problem I am talking about, poor people from the slums and black people trying to "call you aside" in Halifax and try to talk to you and "hang around" you in a higher social class bumming money - right, you don't belong in my's not the slums it's University Work.

If you are a girl they call you over and try to talk to you from the slums, then if you talk to them they will start hanging off you and trying to get you back to their slum area...when that happens they will start manipulating you into forced prostitution using drugs and intimidation. 

All that right in my neighbourhood this month.

These neighbourhoods got to one wants this here and those are not real city residents. They are running around invading everyone's personal space, making crazy demands about other peoples money and possessions and trying to manipulate girls into illegal street prostitution.

Imagine how nice this City will be when there is an adult place to visit without having to "put up" with these people from the slums like their running around with dead cats on their heads like in the Simpsons, then you're not being flamed by poor people from the slums when you're with a professional prostitute at the Casino Hotel.


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