Tuesday, April 23, 2019

***Blog Disclaimer***

I just want to remind everyone not to take this blog too seriously, anything I am talking about is all public record and public events. I am not on here slandering people or anything like that and anything I say can be easily verified.

What I mean is when I say stuff like Sobeys, the Defense Department, Government Corruption etc. I am only talking about things I have experienced working around those topics and the University curriculum. 

Anything I say might be able to be dismissed by the Government or anyone who knows things not contained in my information.

What that means is I may only be talking about personal experiences with specific individuals who are corrupt and ruining the name of a larger Company, Business or Government in the public.

So, that stuff may be just individual cases of small groups of corrupt people committing crimes and harassing people in public.

The actual Government may know facts that I never heard of and can reassure any claims I make based on personal experience and public records that those are only individual small cases. Like with Sobeys Company and Sunday Shopping regulations, the real Government may be able to dismiss that as individual small events of small groups of corrupt people causing that within a larger normal Government system.

These smaller cases may make the Government look bad, but it might not be the whole story which may be classified or private. Other people may come out later and dismiss and correct those claims with other more classified information, making stuff I say only indicators of larger problems which later may be small to a large legitimate Government.

That is the whole point of my page, that it just what it looks like from my point of view based on personal experience, research and analysis of public records and accounts. That does not make those facts and larger organizations make be able to dismiss that.

Don't come here flaming me about this blog at my home, you are doing that in public and that is what I am blogging about. If you do that you will not be correct and are flaming me out of context not knowing what you are talking about and none of that applies to me.

If companies like Sobeys didn't do anything, that is a larger issue that I have nothing to do with and don't know anything about. That's all based on my own negative experience's working at their main head office years ago under their Board of Directors Department, most of those people may not even work there anymore and they have all new executives now.

That's all I am saying is the stuff I say is only what it looks like in public based on public records and personal accounts. If there is a larger issue that is for the regular Government to deal with. My over sarcastic dramatization of events is only to show indicators of larger problems that should be dealt with by the Federal Government and I am only hoping to draw attention to these "obscure" political issues which may be indicators of larger issue's the Federal Government needs to know about so they can deal with them with the regular Government channels in the proper context, not public claims and analysis not knowing all the facts from secret Government procedures which may be classified.

This is why, people started flaming me again starting Halloween 2018 and began harassing me this spring on my walking routes with people from the slums and black people that I don't know like with the Rehtaeh Parsons case.

In the past I also said I was flamed from Calgary and Halifax as well as my home town in New Glasgow.

Guess what happened? 

In Calgary they flamed and harassed a 9 year old girl to death and she killed herself this week in the same City I was complaining about, something has to be done about this. How a 9 year old girl knows about death and suicide is beyond my comprehension.

'Tireless bullying' drove 9-year-old Syrian refugee to suicide, grieving parents say


So yes, they did it again like with Rehtaeh Parsons this time they convinced a 9 year old girl to know about suicide and then she did it when they flamed her in public and at school.

That is the worst thing I have ever seen.

When I talk about Africa, The Middle East war etc. I am talking about Adolf Hitler himself and the History Books - something so large no one has anything to do with it and it's fiction to regular citizens.

I have nothing personal against refugees from the Middle East or Africa in a regular situation, I am talking about Global Wars and Corruption, based on few facts and personal experiences.

That was a 9 year old girl and Syrian Refugee they did that too, I don't want any of them to be harmed and that is not anything I am talking about. I hope they catch the people that did that today just like the ones that did it to Rehtaeh Parsons.

I'm telling all you flames and people harassing everyone, don't come up to me outside and start flaming me and harassing me about my pages, if you do you are harassing me OUT OF CONTEXT and I having nothing to do with anything you are talking about. All my analysis is what I said above and that's it.

You people have nothing to do with my page or analysis and YOU ARE PUBLIC so I can say whatever I want if it's public record or personal accounts which is all I offer. 

If you think my page is anything other than that YOU ARE OUT OF CONTEXT and don't know anything you are talking about just like I don't know anything about actual Government secrets which my nullify my analysis in one second when you hear real facts.

I'm sorry that something like that happened so bad in Calgary and I hope they correct this problem with these out of control maniacs flaming the citizens and making young girls commit suicide in public, that is the worst thing I have ever imagined in real life. All my material is just documents, history books and personal analysis.

All you people doing that flaming need to be stopped right away and you are the real problem outside in public and it's small and no secret what you all do in public in front of the whole Country and anyone on the internet can say anything about that in their analysis because they are NOT TALKING TO YOU, they are talking about public events with each other in an open discussion and you are NOT ALLOWED to interrupt them at home by personally involving them with your issues from your house by flaming them in public over something you read on a webpage.

Those are just webpages and not something you can take seriously anyway. 

You flamers are the problem in this Country harassing everyone.


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