Monday, April 8, 2019

United States: How Raytheon Stole Our Tax Money

Vannevar Bush - Not Just Another Slick Painting
Here is just another example of how the United States Military made their manufacturing private by transferring it out of the United States Military and then backing the companies with free tax money from United States tax payers.

In this clip at 2:40 they say that Vannevar Bush was the top science advisor of President Roosevelt and that he was in charge of all Defense Contracts for the United States Military.

Then, they paid him with United States tax dollars to Raytheon and they kept all the money never returning it to citizens for their own company and staff. 

They also funded MIT where Vannervar Bush was the President or something, then MIT was the group that also made the computer and the internet. 

So that means that the United States Military made Raytheon and MIT out of tax payer money which they transferred to private hands from the military and kept it. Instead of the Military doing their own manufacturing.

That all means it is also MIT, the school. 

Like this, the United States Military disconnected a branch of the Government in 1913 under a United States tax referendum which they stole and gave to the Senate.

Then they put in the tax laws, illegally.

Then they made military manufacturing into private companies.

After this they transferred the US Taxpayer Money into Raytheon to make their Military equipment...which they made FREE from tax payer money given to them by the military after they put in the tax law amendment. 

Then the Military collected all the tax money which they made private plus profits. Never giving anything back to US or Canadian citizens.

Then in the clip they say the President even put him in charge of all United States Defence Contracts for the White House and even gave him FREE tax money which he kept for himself and Raytheon off the backs of United States Citizens.

They they do this...  

Bush was in charge of MIT who made the internet equipment or software, then he was in charge of the Defence Contracts for the President, then he owned the company that made the equipment and had it funded by US tax payers.

Like this...he was in office in the White House from the Military and the President and owned their military equipment at HOME all at the same time, with the US tax money.  

All that right in the public...of course all this is coming from my research into the United States 16th Amendment.

Then they made this...

They built Silicon Valley with the money....owed by the Military probably at home and funded by US tax payers.

Products of this are small people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who were products of the Silicon Valley implementation. 

It's like this Vannevar Bush is the large one backed with free Defense Contracts and US Taxpayer Money. they made Silicon Valley which gave birth to people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Then like this...typical ponzi scheme...

Microsoft and Apple under Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, products of Silicon Valley - they get Defense Contracts from the Military which made them through Vannevar Bush and the United States Military.

See that?

That is a typical scam...Raytheon backed by US taxpayer money and stolen form the Military used the money to build MIT and Silicon Valley, that made Apple and Microsoft which later....they also became Defense Contractors because they are all in the same group at the United States Military under un reporting government branches.

Meaning they have no office to file a complaint because they fake and Raytheon, Microsoft, Apple etc. are all fake and look like they were actually disconnected from the Federal Government by staff from the Military who made private businesses out of the tax payer money for Military equipment funding after 1913 when they put in the 16th Amendment Un-Constitutionally.

That means today that all United States and Canadian citizens have a personal and financial stake in places like MIT, Raytheon, Microsoft, Apple etc. because they are funded illegally with our tax money - which was never repaid to citizens.

The public can sue in a class action lawsuit for their share of these illegally funded tax payer built companies.


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