Friday, June 7, 2019

What Does "The Facebook" Controversy Have To Do With YouTube?

So what about The Facebook ,which is their old url and is still active, have to do with that YouTube thing?

Well for one that happened to one of our videos and it's discriminatory against my music business which abides by their policy, the small print of YouTube makes it NOT a business like Wikipedia.

I also had that issue on Wikipedia and when I wrote them they said they had no office and it was just people moderating the page so I quite their site. 

YouTube is the same because they put that trick in there for people at home to block videos from a business like mine for example from using their content. That means they are not a business and just work from home on a non business format and is illegal for a personal webpage of that size.

Why people put that much money into a personal website that's not for business and only made of click throughs like The Facebook is beyond my comprehension. If they are on the stock market they are in breach of all regulations. is not going to stop making videos which abide by the real public policy but we don't know which ones will be censored by other private users from their houses that don't like our videos at our real business, plus it is mainly playlist anyway and a music update page for topics on the YouTube channel, if YouTube closes will just go to whatever new video sharing service springs up next.

As far as The Facebook goes they started using YouTube like ContentID match on home users personal photos to list the contents in your pictures in public, that's why I dropped the page but still have my account open, plus people are just using it to group on individuals and harass them to death.

YouTube has content id match which is just facial recognition software match to match the wav file image of the uploaded material, The Facebook uses that to match stuff like lamps, dildos, panties, lesbian and gay porno that is scans in your pictures with content id match and then lists it on your page for all your users so they can see what items are listed in your house without your permission.

Yeah, that's a pretty bad invasion of privacy so I no longer post personal pictures on their site. As far as YouTube goes that is a "home based website" and the clause allows home users not in a business setup to block videos with their music content in it.  

All that means is that they are doing that to my videos because I am a bigger artist than them and more well known with a bigger promotion that is still being setup and a bigger star than all them because I have a webpage with my picture on it and blog etc. 

None of them can compete with wait and see which bands fail because I am dropping all the related coverage where I don't cover it as necessary to those home users and their bands are dropped from the music scene because fans will no longer support them because of their YouTube censorship in their private group to a business like myself.

Now just wait and see for a while and see which bands and record labels fall off coverage and vanish since they have been kicked out of music, I'm not sure who that all is yet but time will weed it out when all their bands get dropped and their "home business" of selling metal cds closes.


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