Friday, June 7, 2019

YouTube Caught In Global Discrimination Scam

Look at this everyone, YouTube is going to close, they have been caught with the music companies and Hollywood companies discriminating against all public internet users on the page.

That means that the public can't use YouTube unless they are part of a private group at YouTube with music companies and advertisers like on smartphones right in their policy.

FIRST - They give public permission to use songs from the music companies on their page.

THEN - They remove permission in a second clause on their policy page if the music company doesn't like your individual specific video from you personally. Then they gave them permission to log in and block your videos if they don't like them against the first public policy rule.

That means that YouTube is totally fake with false advertising and it's run by music companies and they are also the advertisers on the page and smartphones. 

That means the public is NOT ALLOWED to use YouTube content in their videos and have to be private only, then their PRIVATE GROUP all shares all video content across YouTube in public and no one is allowed on it.

BECAUSE...the policy says the public can use the song, UNLESS the private group doesn't like it AGINST users on an individual basis if the private group doesn't like their video.

That is OPEN DISCRIMINATION against everyone on the internet and totally illegal making their page FAKE and FRAUDLENT.

I'm assuming they will all get arrested and the page will be shut down.

In YouTube creator studio classic:

The policy says you can use the song in the video and it will "appear world wide" but they can place ads on it.

Policy two says if the private group doesn't like your video with the song in it they can cancel you from their global approval permissions on an individual discriminatory basis.

Then they have no support email and you can't ask what happened because it is faq sheet and forum support only is all I could see.

Then they tell you you're not allowed to ask or find out about who blocked your video against their first policy, open discrimination against all internet users and illegal.


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