Saturday, June 8, 2019

Did Everyone See What Just Happened?

YouTube - No Public Fair Use Policy
Did everyone see what just took place, not only the invention of a new category of music Baloney Metal came up it is also the death of Social Media this week, although I'm sure pages like Twitter etc. will still be around.

Facebook (The Facebook) and YouTube both MySpace'd are will probably just be shell pages now with videos and stuff on them like Myspace is still there.  

So Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia those are all just personal websites with no actual business behind them. Like people are throwing tons of money into them and even putting them on the stock market and have little or no regulation.

All the pages are built of out of user content and it's just people in their group regulating the content. Like they have no "fair use" policy on any of their websites, making them personal website pages, unlike myself who has real business practices behind my pages with actual Corporate work in it.

Those pages have no Corporate work in them and are not backed by a Corporate Business Model because of their webpage policies, which makes them large personal websites where they can "decide" to log in and cancel peoples uploads based on personal decisions of people they don't like on their page, right in their policy.

That is a total fraud, with no fair use policy for the public and makes their pages a scam. You can't say that they are an "authority" on anything on Wikipedia or YouTube because of their low business policies.

At anytime they can decide to not use your content for whatever reason they want making their pages fake. Wikipedia for example can not say they are an authority on any article on the page making their website useless because they take other stuff down. That's based on personal decisions only, making their page a personal website that was created by user submissions.

Then they have a massive security breach at Facebook and probably YouTube and released all the user data just like your credit reports at Equifax...meaning they are all tanked and it's the death of Social Media this Summer.

No one cares anyway, they are all just a bunch of message boards with video content on them. There will be tons of new video sharing services if YouTube closes anyway.

Also, that makes all the YouTube content bootleg uploads in my opinion because the owners policy is that they have no Fair Use Agreement with the public making it a personal webpage.

Then they take ALL internet video uploads on their site and then use them for their own purposes, then post a public policy that is not real because they can pull it based on personal preference which is discrimination against the public.

Then their group uses all content for whatever they want with no censorship plus it's an advertising and click through page.

To me that just makes YouTube a free file sharing site because there are no public regulations for fair use and whoever owns the page is just using the files for their own purposes with their friends that they allow making it a fake page like Wikipedia. 

They also have software similar to Facebook which spies on your photo contents during a widescale security breach. That is because it is a personal website with no corporate regulations or that wouldn't happen.

That means that pages like Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia are too large now and can't manage their user uploaded content and policies and the pages fell apart with no Fair Use Policy for the public which is the main topic because they have no Corporate Business managing their policies, making them broke and their page fell apart when it got too big.

The main point to that is no public fair use policy on YouTube means they are just sharing their content with their friends in a group for any purpose on all uploads.

Then they can block anyone else whenever they want from using the content making the page fake. That means that Social Media is closed and those are not real webpages. I still use YouTube but you can't get fair coverage, although it is good for sharing videos on your pages and making music playlists.

Why would anyone pay for their music streaming services they just opened when you can't use the page contents in a fair use package like the owners of the page are doing? To me everything on there is bootleg and the page owners are just trying to control the file sharing. That is just an open file sharing page to me but the owners are blocking the public from the access they have with no public fair use policy - the number one thing that makes it a legitimate page. 

They don't have that. Meaning they are closed.

This all started with the censorship of Conspiracy Host Alex Jones on YouTube and Facebook, that was just coming from a large personal website (no corporation or oversight), then President Trump started complaining about their "services".

When went up that is what happened to us - No Fair Use Policy making the page bullshit. 

I mean come on YouTube is on the SmartTV and BluRay apps main television screens, then they have no Public Fair Use Policy and just keep all the public content for their group. They are not allowed doing that.


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