Saturday, June 22, 2019

What Will The Super NFL Look Like?

When Will The Super NFL Launch?
Let's just right to the point...what will the Super NFL look like?

Face it, 17 NFL games plus playoffs and the preseason is not enough NFL Football. Since many people do not understand the game of football the season is short because of the "difficulty" of managing a full contact sport for 80+ games per season. 

Football is just too physically straining to play over 80 games per season like in the NHL Hockey League. 

How can the NFL be expanded into an 80+ game season like NHL Hockey? 

Like this, here are my thoughts on the topic. 

Launching the Super NFL will involve many factors like how many games can an individual player play during an 80+ game season without risking serious injury. After the league is expanded from 17 to 80+ games this will mean everyday players will only play about 20 or so games each per season, which will mean expanding the NFL Franchise rosters by four times.

Like with the new Major League Baseball roster changes which have reduced the MLB Playoff line ups from  40 players to 26 this decrease in MLB playoff lineup rosters will mean the league will be expanding into adding more teams the cut playoff players being the new MLB franchise players, potentially twenty new teams making Major League Baseball a 50 team Baseball League and will decrease the chances of winning the World Series making the game more popular by increasing the competitiveness by decreasing the odds of winning the World Series Championship.

Already announced is the Major League Baseball return to Montreal. 

Similarly, this can be added to the NHL Hockey League to make it a fifty team league making the game more competitive by decreasing the chances of winning the Stanley Cup, which will draw more fans to the game.

Also, this will increase the value of Division and Conference Championships by making the smaller titles more coveted.

The Super NFL could potentially be expanded by potentially four times as many teams and by increasing the NFL Player draft and using more players in the league.

Like in Major League Baseball for example the surplus of NFL Players after the expansion would "sit out" for many games like MLB Pitchers and maybe only play 1 in every 4 to 6 games and all be "speciality" positions.

By expanding the league by potentially four times, increasing player drafts and accounting for injuries from too much game time, this will overcome the boundaries to launching the Super NFL League.

The extra teams will increase team and player values by increasing the odds of winning the championships making the game more competitive which will draw new fans to the sport. 

Division, Conference and playoff wins will be more sought after by teams and will draw new fans from local areas when their team makes the smaller or larger championships making the Super NFL a financial cash cow with a larger league, many people will also be drawn to the Super NFL as a "publicity stunt" event and increase fans, ratings and NFL Sports Merchandise. 

The Super NFL would be a guaranteed ratings draw and "bandwagon" team jumpers will account for many of the merchandise sales from a "publicity stunt" perspective from the NFL.

Although expanding the NFL by four times into 120 teams would be a little large people say like multiple added new leagues within the NFL, the real number may be 50 or 60 teams with 80+ game seasons.

The larger number being the addition of international teams from Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand into the NFL, MLB or NHL. European and Russian Hockey Leagues for example could later be merged into a new NHL expansion to include international teams.


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