Saturday, June 8, 2019

Baloney Metal

I'm just stopping for a minute now to readjust how I see the Heavy Metal scene because of Baloney Metal, I know all kinds of them people.

This is how albums will be ranked in the the weight of the baloney package. It's nice to see this turn of events in metal.

This is you albums ranking, 1 KG of Maple Leaf Baloney:

Plus all those bands are full of shit, I mean their "labels" or whoever must not have much behind them and they don't know how business works to be making band decisions like that. 

They don't want free promotional coverage in all Countries and stuff like that from MTV or somebody, they like local only and not large business. I don't get that man. Baloney.

By the way Maple Leaf Baloney is super delicious, and it's not cheap anymore. Baloney is like $18 a package now, that's pretty high, but there's nothing like getting a ream of Maple Leaf Baloney to fry up once in a while.


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