Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Cash or Defferal?

Here is a joke I made up about Sobeys.

Sobeys walks into a store, the clerk says "How are you paying cash or  credit?"

Sobeys says "Credit payment deferral."

Get it? They are in the news delaying credit payments to buy new stuff on the stock market, like they think payment deferral is a form of payment.

Like this..

"How are you paying for that Sobeys?"

Sobeys answers "Credit card payment deferral."

That's so they can buy stuff by not using their credit card payments.

Like this...

A guy walks into Sobeys and the clerk says "How are you paying for that...cash or deferral?"

The customer says "Credit payment deferral."

Right like it's a form of payment.

For someone like me that's pretty sad looking.

"Cash or deferral" they go....Sobeys.


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