Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Baker Drive Halifax / Dartmouth

The Drama Continues
This is exactly what people are complaining about in the news in Ontario about Sobeys Company. They are doing the same thing on Baker Drive in Dartmouth. That is one of the busiest places in Halifax and is a large residential area of suburbs full of $600,000 houses probably and dozens of large modern apartment buildings that are not cheap apartments. Plus, the area is still building brand new apartment building complexes. 

So that is a large main residential area. Sobeys has a store on the top of Baker Drive and just like they are complaining about in the news in Ontario they are doing the same thing here on Baker Drive. They have one section setup with their grocery store and are trying to force the local residents to shop at their store only in the suburbs and apartment complexes because they have "fully serviced their residential area". 

That means they are taking up all the store retail space and trying to own the market for the local area. I realize they are not the only gas station in the area and there may be other local businesses there like Tim Hortons and it's also the location of the Department of Motor Vehicles in Dartmouth.

What I mean is for grocery shopping there are the only store I can see on Baker Drive, then the Giant Tiger is at the opposite end of Baker Drive at Woodlawn Plaza near where I live but it is only small and cheap products, the Atlantic Superstore is way down the road on Portland Street on the way to Cole Harbour where Sidney Crosby NHL star is from.

That area is too far for residents on Baker Drive unless they take the bus or use a car to buy food. So as far as I can see or it's the most prevalent problem anyway is that Sobeys is moving in to all the new residential divisions in the City Areas and trying to "tell" the local residents in a more expensive area that they have to shop there. 

That's by their business practices, meaning if they don't they have to drive because it's in an isolated residential area. What people don't like about this is that Sobeys is telling the residents on Baker Drive that the area is "fully serviced" like they are saying to people in Ontario who are complaining about them.  

First and anyway, as local citizens we don't need to be "serviced" so it's their language for one people don't like that they are telling people in these neighbourhoods. It's not about our needs as humans being "serviced by Sobeys" so we don't need to leave the neighbourhood to buy groceries it's that their company is bothering the local residents by their business practices.

It doesn't matter if Sobeys are the only store in a local city area, people don't like them because they are bothering all the citizens in the houses and apartments around their business locations and annoying them by putting stores in all the new sub divisions or suburb areas. Then they are "ordering" them to shop there by saying their needs have been "fully serviced" by having them in the neighbourhood - no, that is them bothering the local residents.

It's where they are opening the stores at and then ordering the local residents to shop there, that is what people don't like about them. We don't need to be "fully serviced" for our household items by one business locally only, ok. 

No one wants to be serviced by Sobeys, we can get our own household products wherever we want thanks. Stop telling us where to shop and saying not to complain about it because we have our needs "serviced" , that's why everyone hates them and is one of the things there are doing that's bothering people in their houses and apartments, plus they are bothering people anyway from their office staff in separate incidents at their houses.

Second, they don't have the neighbourhood fully serviced by their store on Baker Drive because the store is too small. The population in the Baker Drive area is so large that the local businesses on the road can't meet their needs anyway, so Sobeys is trying to get all the customers to go to their store on Baker Drive when they can't even fill the order.

So they don't have anything "fully serviced" because the City Blocks are too large to meet the needs of the residents, who have to leave the area to shop anyway because it's too small to handle the citizens shopping needs.

Then listen to this, Baker Drive is at the top on the hill and on the bottom of the hill  on the other side the neighbourhood is the one on Pleasant Street at the bottom of the hill on the Halifax waterfront. That's the neighbourhood that is complaining that Sobeys closed their store and refuse to re-rent the space to a competitor.

That area is the Dartmouth General Hospital area and is full of group homes for recovering patients in mental health care programs. In that neighbourhood they closed their grocery store and are blocking the area from having a new grocery store open and now hospital staff, residents, group home and mental health care patients have no grocery store to shop at.

Then up the hill from that in the new residential area is the Baker Drive Sobeys store trying to get all the business from the suburbs and "more expensive" apartment areas. Then they are saying to that neighbourhood that all their needs have been "fully serviced" but that is not possible because the area is so large, plus their business practice on Baker Drive stifles competition and there are no local convivence stores in the area that I could see because they have all the spots taken up, however there are other gas stations and stuff there. 

That is why people hate Sobeys, seeing these stores and knowing their business practices creates a deep feeling of sadness, hatred and animosity from the local residents, who were supposed to be customers, because their company is bothering them at home. 

When people see that they get upset and don't want their company opening stores in their area because of the awful feeling they have towards their company for bothering the local residents and refuse to shop there. 

Their opening stores practice is leaving them overextended with no customers, I can predict that in the future their convivence stores and gas stations which are called "Needs" and are franchised to local owners will probably either be bought by the franchise owner and they will own the Sobeys gas pumps when they close or they may be bought out by a company like 7/11 and they will all be converted to independent convenience stores.  

Then look out west in Canada and they had that failed Safeway store integration into their business and it cost them like $5 Billion Dollars in expenses for their failed computer installations. Now Safeway has no customers and they are converting them into "Sobeys Freshco" stores which is also in the news in a different scam which I posted about on a previous post.

So Safeway didn't work in the neighbourhood and now they are changing all the signs to say "Freshco" on them after their failed business integration and then their stores had no customers. 

My prediction is total business closure, they are overextended into these neighbourhoods with too many stores and no customers, then they are delaying payments to suppliers to raise money to try and open new stores, then they have multiple failed business software installations with billions of dollars in losses and everyone is complaining that they are harassing the public at their homes and harassing local residents, plus recent over advertising at NHL and MLB games in Toronto.

Then, all their franchises like convenience stores and gas stations will probably be bought by the franchise owners and they will own the gas pumps directly or a company like 7/11 may come in and buy a piece of it and take them over for the franchisee. 

Fuck You.


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