Thursday, June 20, 2019

Today I Feel Sorry For Social Workers

Recent events in my life have left me feeling sorry for many social workers today like at the welfare office and disability offices. Maybe their cases have to into my life and now are annoying me outside and now I sympathize with them for having to deal with many of their clients.

These "baloney people" bothering me make me feel like a town social worker, the first thing I am doing is turning them all in. What I don't like about Community Services is that many people get branded in the category of baloney people who are actually regular people who just need income assistance.

Some people actually need that money like unemployed university graduates and university graduates with a disability, those people are not poor people. They are regular career people on an income assistance check, sometimes they get grouped into the category of baloney people but they are normal people who just need assistance.

These other people are the most ignorant, uncaring, hateful people bumming money from everyone I have ever met in my life. They are all spending their money on smoking, drinking, fast food etc, and not paying bills or buying groceries.

Then they go to the welfare office screaming and yelling about wanting money for regular bills like food when they REFUSE to stop drinking and smoking. 

Then they all start annoying me at my house looking for my money and harassing me all the time from my home town, following me around from the slums wasting their money on smoking and McDonalds every ten minutes. 

Why can't these people control themselves?

I have no money or things to lend out to people like that all telling me to go fuck myself every two minutes because I am in music and stuff all saying crazy stuff like I am going to let them all "hang around my house" and bum my food and money while they waste all theirs.

They want to waste their money on crap and then get me to "bail them out" for bread and stuff all going around saying I'm going to let them all do that LYING about me in my home town, then they go down to the welfare office and tell them all to go fuck themselves every two minutes.

Why are you people so ignorant? 

I mean really, you have a seriously bad issue of some kind.

No one is "hanging off me" bumming food and stuff from my hometown you are all LIARS. 

I am not giving you people anything or any handouts of any kind ever in your life no matter what I have in the future.

You people MUST START avoiding me outside from my hometown, you are making me feel like a Social Worker with my education and I am going to turn you all in for ANYTHING that I can catch you doing.

Now I feel sorry for ANY SOCIAL WOKER that has to deal with you.



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