Friday, June 21, 2019

Beyond Disbelief

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There are few times in my life that I have been truly dumbfounded and without words to describe how I feel, today it is the feeling of complete disbelief. I have never in my entire life had a feeling of disbelief so bad and perhaps this my be the first time I have ever experienced this feeling.

You look at the issue, and you truly can't believe it. Leaving me sitting here in bewilderment in a state of disbelief. 

In my future biography I am writing a huge section on the poor people from my home town and county and their complete outright bizarre unexplainable behavior leaving me today in a state of disbelief. 

These are the days in the Summer of 2019 that will be referenced in my biographical material for the rest of my life. I am trying to find the words and phrases to describe the feeling of disbelief and I don't think that I can, it's because I truly can't believe it.

Now this goes way beyond playing music, writing or working in business etc. Right now that's just stuff I am working on, making a music promotion and working on books and stuff. That's what is happening this Summer, the large project I have undertaken called "Space Command" is still much larger that I expected and turning out more awesome. 

Space Command is kind of like GI Joe and X-Men and stuff like that and that is what I am developing, everyone knows this but GI Joe first came out in the 1960s but it took twenty years to develop before it launched huge in the 1980's at Mattel or somewhere. 

That is the first thing I saw was I was a kid and I was probably brainwashed permanently by the United States Military through shows like GI Joe in the 1980's, I had so many GI Joe action figures and vehicles back then it wasn't even possible.

Shows like GI Joe, Transformers etc. and games like Dungeons & Dragons were my favorite things as a kid and are part of my main inspiration. Those toys and games are so hard to develop even I am surprised at the length of time it take to make those shows and toys.

It took twenty years to develop GI Joe into the huge phenomenon it was in the 1980's and I think I may have been the first kid in it, all I could think about when I was a kid was blowing everything up in some kind of aircraft etc. 

Getting into the development of Space Command my series and attempted "Mattel Style" book and playset with comics and toys etc. extrapolates into large projects with toy and character developments. I started to think is this going to take twenty years? The books are guaranteed to be awesome with super awesome characters that STILL have yet to be named.

I have been hitting myself in the head for most of the last year trying to develop the character names which already have complete stories and images but why write the final scripts when the names are not finished. If published today the characters would be Tom Clancy not George Lucas, no one wants to play with toys named by Tom Clancy, every one of them has to be called Chewbacca to drive kids truly nuts with them.

I'm already convinced these characters are all Chewbacca and Yoda but the names just aren't there yet, I'm posting the second half of the Space Command reading guide book soon at and you can see for yourself that the books will be awesome. HOPEFULLY I will have some pictures and character names up soon. 

Reading the biography of GI Joe they knew in the 1960's that it would be a super huge phenomenon but that took twenty years and was released when I was a kid, it better not take me that long but that is what the book draft is for. It's a development script for something like GI Joe, that's just way larger than I thought with developing that character names which will later be toys for every kid in America. 

It's during all this work that events have happened around me leading into this Summer that are leaving me in a state of disbelief. I'm just sitting here attached to my laptop and doing music promotion stuff on the internet while working on my book stuff, I have my notebook and pencil right beside me at all times waiting to get that character name or new idea to write down and just watching sports packages and stuff like getting my business stuff setup etc. 

When I was little I lived in a small area only like 50,000 people in the entire County in Northern Nova Scotia on the route to the ferry terminal to Prince Edward Island in a town of 10,000 people which is large for the area.

Now I think to myself, how desolate are these people from that area? 

During all this work I am doing living here in Halifax all these people from my home town and County who are BEYOND super poor are out following me around bumming me. How humiliating is that for them? 

I will never forget this for the rest of my life. I'm not giving them any handouts they make a whole social life off annoying me to death every two minutes. 

We're talking these people are like the worst unintelligent "hicks" from the remote woods in Atlantic Canada if their could ever be any. 

This is what they are like, they are all poor and their kids are outside running around eating baloney and playing in the dirt at the same time. Literally eating filthy baloney covered in dirt and permanently outside trampling down their front lawns and living in the yard.

All they do is drink liquor and smoke cigarettes then go around bumming everyone for money complaining about everything. I don't think any of them have even had one happy day in their life or experienced one regular event. 

Then they work but are also on welfare and waste ALL their money and don't buy groceries. Then they go around town yelling about everything and complaining about all their neighbours having food to eat while they waste all their money, then their kids run around outside eating dirty baloney with their bare hands.

Then it's like they are all running in and out of my yard eating dirty baloney and bumming food off me all the time and they won't leave. They refuse to stop trying to fight with me and complaining about me having food and stuff looking for me to support them.

All while the hate me to death, mouth off about me every 2 seconds complaining about how I have food and looking for a fight about it. I don't even know who they are.

Now they are running around rounding people up who are poor like them and telling them all when I get money off my music and books that I am going to go there are live where they are in Pictou County and then live near them where they are all poor. Then they are saying to all their "friends" that I am going to feed them all and buy them stuff, then they are wasting all their money and trying to get me to bail them all out.

Then they are all saying I am going to go back to where I used to live as a kid and not live in the City or get a beach house in Florida or something so I can support them. Then they keep saying that "that's what I'm like" that when I have money I will "want to support them", poor people from my home County that I don't even know.

I'm never even going to see any of them for the rest of my life or give them anything. They are the worst most ignorant people I have even met in my life.

This all started apparently when I went to St. FX University and started working in a big Company and now it has accelerated because I am doing books and music into "crazy stories" about how I'm the type of person that even though I have this huge education and stuff will not use it to be independent. 

Then they are saying I will  "go back to them" people I never knew who live in garbage, so that I can "support them" by giving them money and food and letting them and all their poor friends hang out in my house so they can eat and get cigarette money. 

Then they are insulting me to death saying that "Jason MacKenzie is the only person in the Wold who has money like that who will do that, anyone else would just leave and not talk to you." 

They are going around saying that I am the only person in the world that would make money like that and then "not want to keep it" because I am the type of person who will go back to my home county if I make a bunch of money so that I can let poor people hang off my house bumming food and money every day and not have my own life.

Then they are following me around with snots of their faces eating dirty baloney trying to attach themselves to my shoe heels when I am out walking trying to scratch me looking for an argument with me complaining that I have money for groceries. 

You are fucking mentally deranged. 

Those people must be the most humiliated people to ever exist in the world, I don't know you and don't want to know you and I don't like you either. 

I would never live around people like you or ever give you anything. You all need to stay out of my business and get back in your yard. You have nothing to do with me and never will.

Just remember heading into Summer 2019 when I am writing and developing Space Command which will be the next GI Joe and Transformers hopefully in less than twenty years that's what all those bums were doing to me outside in Halifax from my hometown.

Please be sure to always include that in my biography and always tell everyone about it because my brain this Summer is in a state of total disbelief that people would be doing that to me or think that they can do that to me from my hometown.


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