Friday, June 7, 2019

Who Wouldn't Want To Be On

I was just sitting here and thinking this, why would a band not want worldwide coverage on on the internet. I mean they decided to block the video and only make it available in certain countries.

What are they doing making that a local product or something like Japan only or something. 

Like why wouldn't you want coverage on the internet on the name worldwide? It's only the main internet Death Metal domain name on the television on Blu Ray and SmartTV. 

No they're going to pull it off to have it local only or something.

That's baloney metal man.

I'm not covering them people man on my music page, I'm trying to run a real business. Just like Venom right? Real Heavy Metal only.

This is probably the biggest thing to happen to me in metal probably since Venom came out or when I heard it, I will never forget this day.

Today is the creation day of Baloney Metal.

This is probably the greatest thing to ever happen.


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