Monday, June 10, 2019

I Found The YouTube Scammers Blocking The Video

See look right says Relapse Records is Distributed by Sony RED.

Now look here it says Relapse Catalog is now owned by the Sony Rights Holding Group "The Orchard", whatever.

So Sony owns Relapse now under The Orchard, that's what Relapse Records is listed under on YouTube for their Rights Management Company.

Now here is the deal, "The Orchard" is a sub company of Sony and has a bad reputation for claiming the rights to bands catalogs that they don't own and also are doing it on YouTube.

Those are scammers at the Sony sub company "The Orchard" claiming catalogs they don't own, I'm assuming they're probably bootlegging out of the Sony sub business. 

I'm sure that's who's blocking the video so it appears to be coming from Sony but not them directly it's a sub business with a bad reputation for illegally claiming band catalogs and rights on YouTube, so it's what I said but it's a scam from some Sony people.

We'll just wait and see what happens with our banned from tv YouTube video, by scammers at Sony.

Right yeah, yeah, argument with Perseverance Holdings and all that, they are gone now. Sony owns them now. Good riddance.

Bootleggers are still doing all that, blocking Deicide and stuff tho, people are saying some of it is at a Sony sub business. Then they are trying to bootleg it.


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