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Here Is What Is Happening With The Banned YouTube Video From

First, is the main webpage of the television app for Death Metal on Blu-ray and SmartTV's currently on the YouTube App. 

All songs on the video - Brutal Death Metal Vol. 1 have been APPROVED for usage under YouTube's own public song sharing policies. 

YouTube and the supposed "rights holders" to the songs are NOT ALLOWED to block the Music Compilation on YouTube on the SmartTV and Blu-ray player for and Relapse Records etc. which are smaller pages than ours like and . is the largest Death Metal page on the SmartTV App with just the name and the active page.

Companies like Relapse Records who have in the past posted parody logos of my Collapse band logo then refused to carry my albums, then told me to "go fuck myself" with some Middle Eastern fake business operator in a scam. Then I boycotted their business.

After this Season of Mist Records and the band Terrorizer plagiarized my first two releases and then the album cover form my record "Sustainability" and on the record the band is making fun of me personally and their businesses have some kind of "vendetta" against me personally in the music scene.

When I complained to their "label" I was contacted by fake lawyers who flamed me on the internet claiming that I "had no band" and that was I pretending to have a university degree by saying my Forward Regression email address was fake, and they started revealing personal information about me to my face from Season Of Mist Records looking for a fight then trying to intimidate me and making fun of me for doing research at the Public Library next to my house when they were supposedly form Calgary, Los Angeles and France.


Then they said they were "Perseverance Holdings" and owned the band Death on Relapse Records, the people who did that to me at my home in the past

There is NO WAY you people are who you say you are because of your public activities. I doubt that those people actually own the band Death at all, and Relapse Records probably does not own the band Death because they have FAKE LAWYERS.

Now those people are all going around saying they own the rights to album catalogs on YouTube with Fake Lawyers and pretending they own albums on YouTube, you are bullshit.

If you owned those records you claimed to be protecting then you would have voided your Copyrights for abuse 6000 times this week alone and not own anything and all your material would be expunged from the Copyright Office.


Relapse Records, Season Of Mist, Preservence Holdings, PRC Music etc. are all BOOTLEGGERS. 

You DO NOT OWN my Collapse song on that video on YouTube and I know exactly what you are doing.

Your fake "record labels" DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC SCENE OR DEATH METAL.

They plagiarized my songs and then on the YouTube it's the same label rights holders groups saying they are blocking MY SONG on the compilation when the entire list is allowed to be posted. 

Then YouTube is NOT ALLOWED to interfere with the issue on their end only.

To block the video the rights holders, who are FAKE, had to tell YouTube that they owned the Collapse song in order to block the entire video, just like Season Of Mist and Preservance Holdings at Relapse Records tried to own my song for the band Terrorizer through plagiarism and they even flamed me at home to try and make me give my song "Mechanisms of Oppression" to the band Terrorizer to steal my record for Season of Mist and Relapse Records.


Now they did it again, they are trying to steal "Death Metal Volume 1" by on the TV App through  YouTube so they can bootleg it. 

I don't care if the page is brand new and has no visitors yet, that's what the page is. They tried to steal the Compilation Album already by cancelling my video illegally and "Banning The Video From Television" so they can bootleg Deicide - To Hell With God off MTV like coverage at

Are you kidding me Baloney Music?

You don't even have a business behind your "label".

YouTube can't do that, you had to lie and commit fraud to block that Compilation Album. Which is a YouTube Only video compilation for the SmartTV App. 

You do not own those songs. 

YouTube can not block the video on their own or it's page fraud.

You are trying to tell that Sony, BMG and Relapse Records who are nobody, all got together with their rights management group's on one minute before the Record had 100 plays on the internet then pulled it off circulation and included my material saying your "rights management group" which included Relapse Records mixed with Sony and you block my song on Forward Regression Records NOT in your group saying you own my rights management material with no email to my Record Label.

That is not even possible.

Here is the deal, they allowed anyone to use those songs in videos on YouTube and their are tons of Three Hour compilation metal mixes all over YouTube just look up "old school metal mix" and they are all over the page.

Then they committed fraud, said they were a rights management group with Relapse,Sony and BMG, then they said they owned my record and blocked the video.


That's because they tried to steal the compilation album by illegally blocking the one video form my page. With my own material on it.

Right...BANNED FROM TELEVISION....That's right we got Banned From TV for "Brutal Death Metal Vol. 1 and we even had permission to make it.

Then they tried to steal our compilation album. 

Here's how.

They are not a real rights management group, if they are they have defaulted their cataog. I can now post the band Death on anything I want on the internet and YouTube then if YouTube takes the song down off my page then Relapse Records and Preservence Holdings will go bankrupt trying to defend my lawsuit against them.

What that means is if I post certain Heavy Metal songs on the internet and a "rights company" steps in and tries to remove the video, they will be bankrupt when I sue the them for how they did it and with their past track record against me and I will own the band Death outright with no royalties to anyone.

That's if I post the video first and they try and remove it from YouTube...I will then own their Catalog and they will be bankrupt through legal fees because they can't defend my case. 

All you "fake labels" do not own the rights to your catalogs at your business or on YouTube and I will prove it in court and take the rights to all your albums over the Brutal Death Metal Vol. 1 from because you do not even on the songs at all in my lawyers opinions AND you are using fake rights management groups on YouTube to say you own the songs to use them on videos and supress everyone else.

That is what I am hearing.

I'm saying that Relapse Records doesn't even own ANY of their catalog and they are all bootleggers with Season Of Mist Records and they are illegally using the songs on YouTube with fake rights management groups and "claiming" to own catalogs and they don't. Then they are running off shitty knockoffs at Relapse and Unidisc like "Razor-Violent Restitution" and they don't even own the catalog.

Why? Well because if I post any Razor song on YouTube or post any of their songs on my webpages outright they will go bankrupt in legal fees by trying to stop me from using the material. Making me, Jason Mackenzie finally....


That's right everyone I finally got banned from tv on the YouTube SmartTV app for just one video, and it was fraud that did it and now everyone who is connected is bankrupt.

That means you're posting my material if you play Razor at Relapse Records. Right? That's because you are a fake business however my claim on your catalog hasn't gone through the courts yet and I am taking it, legally.

Now why is all this happening, well just like when they tried to steal "Collapse - Mechanisms of Oppression" when that came out they tried to steal "Death Metal Vol. 1" from The name alone makes it the MTV of Death Metal on television app.

That's what they are doing. "Death Metal Vol.1" is an approved YouTube video with Forward Regression material on it and is being blocked by fake rights groups and labels who do not own their catalogs so they can BOOTLEG IT.

Not specifically the compilation but the bands on it separate.

The "Banned From Television" YouTube video is "Brutal Death Metal Vol. 1" compilation album with FULL RIGHTS to air on the YouTube app and is a large "Sony Like" Death Metal release for the mainstream market on the television. 

It is being banned from television by fake rights holders of the songs in the album track listing and fake labels pretending to hold the rights to the albums while they make bootlegs.

Right so they tried to steal an MTV like compilation album from and I have all the rights to release the record on television. Now scammers and bootleggers are trying to steal it. 

Specifically, they are trying to block the record from for the Television and it's approved for use, so they can suppress Deicide from MTV and bootleg them under the table.

Here is the main story.

The scammers committed fraud and it's the same "group of people" around it from my plagiarism case and now their trying to block the Compilation Video from , just think of it as MTV or of Heavy Metal, so that they can bootleg "Deicide - To Hell With God" and steal all the royalty money from Glenn Benton and them.

That's because Deicide - To Hell With God is a large Sony like album being promoted at and they are pulling scams and stunts to steal the album from Sony or someone to block coverage of the Record on television so they can bootleg it under the table and then use "Deicide clips" of YouTube video clips on and them and not allow the Deicide Record into mainstream circulation so they can steal the money and promotions under the table.

Then they are also using fake rights management groups to block people from using the songs on YouTube I am told and the running off  of fake copies of them like "Tyrant - Legions Of The Dead" with a pretend rights management group with no business behind it saying they own the record and blocking people from using it on YouTube and they are bootleggers...that is the rumor about those releases.

The banned compilation also features a song from Lord Worm's return to Cryptopsy's album which is a huge record they are trying to block from television coverage so they can bootleg the Lord Worm Record under the table with the huge Deicide record "To Hell With God" and cancel illegally the television coverage from

Like they are trying to steal an MTV Death Metal Compilation album to bootleg the songs separate off MTV by cancelling MTV music coverage, like they are doing to us at which just opened.

I'm telling all you people, you are all finished in music at these scams. I'm going to own all your music catalogs in one minute and your past artists will never get a royalty from me because your labels are fake with no business behind them and you have fake lawyers harassing people at public libraries to steal albums being marketed to places like Sony like "Collapse - Mechanisms Of Oppression" and " - Brutal Death Metal Vol. 1" which is like an album being marketed to Sony with Deicide on it for Sony at the television app, and I think they might even be on Sony.

Do you people understand any of that?

You are closed.


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