Tuesday, June 18, 2019

How To Buy A Second Computer Using The Sobeys Company Payment Plan Method

You can try to get a second computer at companies like Dell etc. using the following method developed by Sobeys Corporate Business Stragisists. 

First just buy a regular computer from Dell with their normal credit application process.

Then in a couple months you can then buy a second Dell computer with the Sobeys Corporate Payment plan system.

Just call them up and tell them you already have a computer financed from them, then say you want to purchase a second computer.

When they ask how you will be paying say that you want to differ every second month's credit payment and use the differed payment to begin payment on a second machine.

Say that you want to use the Sobeys Corporate Payment Deferral Plan to finance a second computer, then just skip every second payment on your first financing loan and use the skipped payment to pay for the second loan.

That way you can get two loans for one monthy payment. Just pay each loan every second month, that is how you can finance a second computer by using the Sobeys Corporate Payment Deferral Program.


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