Sunday, June 16, 2019

Music Plagarism

Just a quick note from my desk. 

Yes, just like it looks like with the "Stairway To Heaven" case, that is what happened to me in Death Metal.

What am I doing about that? Well I'm just waiting to see what will happen, in my case one version of the band Morbid Angel made a side project which later became the band Napalm Death after their guitarist quit to form Carcass.

So Terrorizer was a Morbid Angel side project and their guitarist left to join Napalm Death when their member left to join Carcass. So the original Terrorizer became the sound of present day Napalm Death.  

Terrorizer later reformed and then did a record with a different line up which was based on a version of Morbid Angel. 

So Morbid Angel tried to say to me that they were the Led Zeppelin of Death Metal and tried to use my material, later the lineup disbanded after I began complaining.

Then a bunch of other bands also copied that formula trying to use my material in a bunch of cheap records and they are all over the place on other labels and too small to mention.

Now, all the plagiarism band stuff got bought by Sony and BMG Rights Management etc. and they picked it all up and have tons of records that all used some of my material.

So I am just watching all that to see what will happen, obviously Morbid Angel is not the Led Zeppelin of Death Metal and those particular line ups disbanded. 

All that is on Sony etc. now and the plagiarism stuff got transferred to them and is now affecting me on places like YouTube where they are blocking my song and own plagiarized material from my records.

I am just waiting to see what happens because now all that is at larger companies like Sony and them and I will deal with all that later.


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