Saturday, June 22, 2019

My Summer Vacation Trip: July 4th Super Independence Day Picnic

My July 4th Super Independence Day Picnic 2019
I don't want to say for sure that this is what's happening for my summer vacation trip but it would be something like this. If any of this sounds stuck up we're just doing it for fun to see what it looks like.

This Summer we are having a Super Independence Day Picnic , not only that it may be from July 1st - July 4th on dates I can't list officially at Washington Nationals Ball Park or around there in Washington D.C. 

Now why would I want go there and not New York and see the Yankees, Mets or Red Sox or someone? Well we did that last year, so this year we're going the Washington Nationals for Independence day, but I can't reveal which day it will be. 

Remember, there is a lot happening in that like The Nationals used be the Montreal Expos which were the Montreal Royals minor league team of the Brooklyn Dodgers and home of Jackie Robinson. 

Historical research has shown that the Washington Nationals may actually be the franchise of the Louisville Colonels and Honus Wagner which closed and probably became the Montreal franchise.

Not only that July 2 is Adam Eaton Bobble Head Night and the week of the July 4th Washington is playing the Miami Marlins home of New York Yankee great Derek Jeter who now owns part on the Miami Marlins and is their CEO.

Miami is not doing very well this year, but expect that to change as Derek Jeter their part owner continues to rebuild their team franchise.

Not only that, we are taking a small tour of American Civil War Battlefields during the trip so that should be a fun Summer Vacation all for about $1500 per person. I can't reveal all the dates and locations but that should be a pretty fun trip.

Now, what is a July 4th Super Independence Day Picnic?

Well we're getting a bunch of ingredients and then taking them out to a park area near Washington D.C that I can't reveal. Then we're going to cook all the ingredients and then mix them all together to make a bunch of meals out of them that we will then share at the picnic.

I will reveal the ingredients list that we are using and then later in the Summer or Fall I will reveal the list of recipes we made out of the ingredients at the  July 4th Super Independence Day Picnic.
  • 200 Boiled Eggs
  • A Swordfish cooked on a spit with a butler - don't get excited about this, we're just hiring a butler to cook that for fun just the experience of eating a swordfish with a butler just to see what it's like.
  • 16 jars of various pickles.
  • Ten 15 pound bags of potatoes.
  • 10 boxes of cooked lobster.
  • 15 boxes of streaks
  • 25 boxes of hamburger patties
  • other various breads, buns, salads etc. that will be determined later.
Later in the Summer I will reveal the food we made for our July 4th Super Independence Day Picnic in Washington D.C.

That is what I am doing on my Summer trip this year.

*note - this not a ballpark event, we're just doing that by ourselves for fun.


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