Tuesday, October 24, 2017

How to Tell if Your Partner Is Cheating

Is that Rare Toy From Someone Else's Marriage?
Have you ever wondered if your boyfriends/girlfriend is cheating...or maybe even if your kids may belong to another man?

Here are the signs that they are caught.

Did this ever happen to you.....you go over to someone's house and you look at their stuff and you go "Oh I have one just like that" like a rare buzz light year or something...they go "yeah I had that for a while now or something"...you always think that's a little weird that they have this rare item just like the one at your house or even in your bedroom. 

That's probably because it might not be a coincidence after all....they probably saw it in YOUR BEDROOM when they were having an affair with your partner. 

Then they went out and bought one just like yours because that's where they saw it at. Then you went there and seen it and thought it was a coincidence but it wasn't. They got it from something you had in your bedroom and have one for their house. Like a rare Buzz Lightyear toy or something.

On top of that the level of the cheating may also reflect the size of the items in common with each other's houses.

For example if your husband has all this rare or weird stuff around he may be getting that from some girls house. The items may ever represent him FATHERING HER CHILDREN IN SECRET...then the guy has all these secret feelings about being the father of these other kids with some girl and only the two of them know about it potentially. 

So then he goes  out at your house and has all these toys and crap around him that are like his kids at the other girl's house to remind him of his "other kids". Then he keeps all this stuff at home to remind him of his of his secret children with another woman.

The larger the size of the items you see at their house that are like yours at your house  when you visit may not be a coincidence. They may represent an affair when you see something like a rare Buzz Lightyear Toy you have in your bedroom at home.

For guys, if the kids at this other persons house have stuff like the SAME CLOTHES as your kids he may actually be their REAL FATHER and he gets his kids clothes like the ones you have for yours at your house.

Just something to think about. If this happens to you then you may have caught a cheater.


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