Wednesday, July 3, 2024

RE: Blogger With Google Drive Criticism

Don't blame me for having a basic account.

With all the events in the world today you need a good reliable service for these power outages etc.,

Using your Smartphone on Paid Bandwidth on LTE or 5G with Google Drive you can post files almost right to your blog from inside the Google Drive App on Blogger,

Like this.


Now you hear...what's with the financial commitment to Google Cloud on that?

Like to keep the song up on Google Drive Cloud Share links.

Look, there's no need for subscription's to pages like Spotify when you can load your music file to Google Drive and then stream to your Smartphone on Paid Bandwidth.

This allows you easily release your file like here "Vader - Death Metal" Public Domain song.

My point is on the paid bandwidth you get the phone and tablet...well that plus Google Cloud Storage keeps your files online on paid backup.

Off your cloud hard drive this never crashes, then with Paid Bandwidth your can always listen to your songs when the power is out.

Keeping that drive up and using blooger you can use that to release songs on the blogosphere with paid Google Drive shared links.

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