Thursday, June 13, 2024

RE: The Donnas Internet Gossip

On The Donnas press releases you should see the dirt on there in the gossip section.

They said that they changed their name like five times and then did albums for independent labels, that was a good deal for them and were later all released on a large major label.

Then they said VOX was selling guitar pedals with Alison Robertson for all these music sheet bands etc., then they said the Drummer "Tory" wasn't a professionally trained musician at VOX and then broke her hand or wrist and had to quit the band.

Maybe the next drummer was an actually trained musician that could fulfill the VOX deal and all that and show people how to play to the metronome for the big record deal and all that for the endorsements, anyway...Alison Robertson did all the backup singing live anyway and they sing in the same voice...I can see them being re-made as a new The Donnas line up as just Alison Roberson as front person.


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