Saturday, June 15, 2024

MLB: New York Yankees Big Start, Kansas City Royals Meltdown

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ESPN reports big news with the New York Yankees Officially on MLB broadcasts that the current New York Yankees lineup with AL Home Run Hitting Champion on the New York Yankees Aaron Judge is a real World Series Contender and now ranked with the New York Yankees 1998 World Series Championship team.

Also of note, the team has also been compared to the 1977 and 1978 New York Yankees and the 1980's classic New York Yankees merchandise lineups, retro 1980's merchandise, when the New York Yankees had the MOST WINS in all the 1980's they claim on ESPN Networks of all MLB teams without winning the World Series.

These notes coming from the ESPN live commentaries not always accurate, but something like that.

Not only that, Internet Search Engine ranks the 2024 New York Yankees as having a 7 out of 9 chance of winning the World Series this year in 2024 placing them with the 1998 World Series Championship New York Yankees lineup.

Having won 50 games in their first 72 games for only the 10th time in New York Yankees history.


The #1 selling product at stores is going to be the MLB 2024 VIDEO GAME with this New York Yankees lineup:

Judge, Grisham, Soto, Verdugo, Stanton...etc...

So watch out for that big contract extension coming up with this new financial win for New York Yankees that could potentially bring back players next year under new contracts like Juan Soto, Alex Verdugo and Trent Grisham.

Not only that the New York Yankees have the #1 selling hat in the world.

Hopefully this will lead to the signing of new players like Juan Soto to large new contracts to stay on New York Yankees and bring back more backup players like Trent Grisham or new signings like Ronald Acua Jr.  new up and comer on ALTERNATE BABE RUTH NEW YORK YANKEES TEAM: "Atlanta Braves."

Also watch out for those new Atlanta Braves Babe Ruth Jersey's and merch coming out.

Kansas City Royals huge meltdown versus New York Yankees who ALMOST sweep four games from Kansas City.

Like a quick World Series Win by New York Yankees 2024 lineup on ESPN Networks they mean.

Yankees break up Kansas City Royals No Hitter AFTER they lose manager who gets ejected over a call at second base.

New York then takes lead and LOSES game 4 to Kansas City Royals in Bottom Of 9th Inning for Kansas City to avoid the four game sweep.


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