Thursday, June 13, 2024

RE: The Donnas 2010 Live Clip With New Drummer

This is all on public domain now, I mean if you can pull off an act you can get the name of it on the internet etc., like as a cover band etc.

Like that I mean, you don't know what you get on these tapes...this one is 2010 with Alison Robertson and a different drummer , that's the main part of the band.

My point is in the future on public domain you don't know what the bigger more popular acts will be or what they will look like.

My more interesting point to myself is an an artist or producer the audio tapes for bands like The Donnas which is on pubic domain are all re-recorded live with a new drummer by 2010.

I'm more interested in the same albums they have out now, but remastered for high def super audio with new over dubs etc.

I wouldn't be surprised in the future seeing an alternate The Donnas catalog with just Alison Robertson and a new drummer on it re-doing all the songs with Alison Robertson as the vocalist.

Then giving bands like The Donnas multiple catalogs of the same songs with different lineups.

That's fine...

Like this, on public domain.

Some albums get released as different versions so you get one "CD" with five different band names on it.

Like in the future The Donnas will have two cd sets, the second one with Alison Robertson on vocals with a new drummer.

That's the way public domain works, you get one album sold under different titles.

The main example is Venom.

Mantas from Venom played those songs with at least three separate bands.

Now on public domain you get Venom songs by "Mantas" appearing on multiple bands that perform them as official...Venom, Venom Inc., M-Pire Of Evil and Cronos.

All doing the same Venom songs by "Mantas" on separate band names TWO under the same title "VENOM" with different vocalists on the songs.

Then all those bands all have separate originals.

So when you say a song title like "Venom-Black Metal", that was released and re-recorded by "Mantas" in four different bands, two with the same name venom.

Now in the Venom catalog you can't differentiate between the different versions of the band or Venom songs by "Mantas" who recorded multiple official versions under different band title names.

Today now you get Venom and Venom Inc. on public domain with only the bassist / vocalist performing in each version...their Venom songs with "Mantas" plus their own originals.

Not worried about brand new songs.

My point is you can't say now that a Venom song is not the same version even if it has a different vocalist.

Like their is four original versions now under different band names....all official.

Now that's happening to tons of bands on the soon their will be be a version of The Donnas with just Alison Robertson singing on the songs.


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