Friday, June 14, 2024

Diary Update, June 2024

Just a random diary update of some thoughts I've been having about things I saw on the internet.

Back in High School after Graduation, I took seven years off and did a bunch of work and band stuff and then was running a record store and stuff.

Then I went to University and took all that with me, and did a seven year program.

The job didn't work out "SAP" work, accounting programs.

In the end I think that all they really had on the screen at the office was the table of contents from the University Course typed out on the computer screen that started the SAP Software Installation for the students.

By the the time they get to automatic they need a "CD", like for their custom software job.

I'm owed a settlement from where I worked at because they had no installation CD for their version of SAP for that particular office.

Then they lost all the jobs installing the disks for Revenue Canada to verify their tax payments.

My point for my Diary Update.

Back in High School after graduation all these people I knew wanted to go outside after that for some reason...I just wanted to buy a computer at the time and stay home and then they were $3000 in like 1997.

That was my whole point.

Today, I still always have a good working computer.

Now on the internet people think I'm not gonna go down to some metal concert with my computer and band stuff with all my web traffic today on public domain "CD's" etc., where I know how to make a real CD (from going to University and running a record store I mean) and release it on my web traffic on Digital for nothing.

People think that I wouldn't use that just to make friends at a Heavy Metal concert.

I can just imagine.


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