Thursday, August 15, 2019

Just Some Info About Public Scams & Harrassment

Everyone who follows this blog knows that in the past I had been flamed on the internet and brutally harassed by people from my hometown and from the slums in City areas where I was playing in a Death Metal band, well that has been totally worked out.

It sucks that I had to be someone that was harassed like that but overall nothing really bad happened and I just had to move but I am better off for it. I am looking forward this year to a good Canadian Thanksgiving in two months, it's super nice weather here in Halifax and it's super hot with a cool breeze. 

All that nice weather reminds me of Thanksgiving and I'm really looking forward to something normal like a nice Super Thanksgiving Dinner. 

This week I found out that the people who were harassing me we doing that because of my Degree from St.FX and Project Management Certifications and tried to own my material and possessions from the slums like my music stuff and things like my Dungeons & Dragons adventures below.

When they found out I was going to have money from my degrees and stuff they swarmed me and said they hated me, from the slums around local Death Metal fans and people, and tried to make me buy their friendship back by giving them money and material like my Dungeons & Dragons Adventures I make to use it for themselves to make money off in a scam. 

Then they tried to "spin me around in circles" and put me in the corner in the crowd like I had no friends and all spend me money on me, which never happened. That's what it was and it's all resolved now.

I've never heard of anything like that and it's probably the sickest thing in the head I could have ever witnessed in my life that people would try and pull that on me. That's what happened though when I started getting somewhere.

I don't make things like Dungeons & Dragons Adventures to give to people in advance to use for their own purposes in return for fake friendship and false promises to give me something back later which would never happen.   

No, they just tried to use me and steal my money. That also happened to me at the office by the staff where I worked, if it was the actual company itself remains to be determined. 

The point there is that all takes place around areas of the law and government where they are saying there is no Constitution in Canada which is a total lie and they passed fake laws with no Federal Government oversight.

That is also around Military Defense Contractors, crooked governments, companies and also the reason for the September 11,2001 Terrorist Attacks.

My personal advice to anyone is to never talk to anyone who says that Canada does not have real laws and a Constitution. Those are all just scams around larger issues like fake or crooked government's, wars overseas and terrorist attacks. 

Those are just scams running around those "unstable regions" of todays politics, terrible.

Scams from those people is what happened to me in real life, fortunately I just had to move and nothing more serious happened.

My advice is never patriciate in any of that and always stick to the regular laws and Constitution that everyone knows is real anyway and never be led into those scams.


Just as a related note and it's probably not a coincidence that someone like me gets harassed to death from the slums being from University Programs in Atlantic Canada and then stuff like the NHL CHL Entry Draft doesn't get covered on the Canadian News on the internet either, that I could find.

That's what I'm saying, that is all the same people University students and the NHL CHL Draft. The University Sports don't get media coverage, then the NHL CHL Draft doesn't get media coverage for the players and then people like me in the same University programs get assaulted by people from the slums.

Like the University and Sports people, they are the main  people outside. Then none of it gets any coverage in the News or Media then it caters to people from the slums leaving people like me from University Programs open to attack.

Then they pass illegal laws in Nova Scotia all catering to the same people from the slums.

I mean it's their environment, they change the laws against the Constitution of Canada with no public repercussions catering to the slums where they have no education and people believe that stuff there about no laws in Canada, then they don't properly cover the University Sports Championships or the NHL CHL entry draft in the media.

That all leaves people like me from University Programs and Sports Programs open to attack because we are being ignored by the Federal Government who has no public oversight and News Media which all caters to the slums with scams and criminals from overseas harassing us to death.

Really though it make me sick and something has to be done to resolve this issue as soon as possible.


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