Saturday, August 24, 2019

Forward Regression Records Press Release: Collapse Founder Hit With Government Lawsuit



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Jason MacKenzie from the Halifax , Nova Scotia Death Metal band Collapse has been slapped with a court lawsuit over unpaid debts from The Government Of Nova Scotia this week by local Private Debt Collectors representing “Access Nova Scotia” which handles consumer debts including department of motor vehicle fines and residential tenancies collections.

This is only the initial stages of the lawsuit filed earlier this week for the amount of $454.50 back debts owing that have already been paid.

The case has currently been handed to Civil Court lawyers representing Jason MacKenzie who claims that all parties involved have verified that the debts have been paid. Access Nova Scotia representing the Nova Scotia Government has forced Jason MacKenzie from Collapse to defend their claims in Civil Court Litigation despite all involved parties having verified the debts have been paid.

Jason MacKenzie had the following statement:

“The Nova Scotia Government has forced me to Civil Litigate a closed matter and seek legal representation in the Courts which has been approved free of charge.

In my case third party debt collectors have intervened on one of my credit balances and are attempting to force me to pay the debt even though it is not owed. Their government offices have refused to allow me to appeal their incorrect paperwork on their summons and have forced me to litigate the matter in the Civil Courts.

I am not sure if they thought I could not financially afford to defend their claims in the courts which has already been covered and I have already started to sue them in the Nova Scotia Courts.

It is my opinion that I will a receive a default judgment from the courts as the evidence that shows I have paid the debts is also the evidence that wins the court settlement. All those facts have been verified by all parties and they still pressed forward with the case not allowing an appeal.

I have managed to file a counter claim but they forced me to pay $31.00 to appeal their Summons which directly shows on their summons my receipt for the payment, so they can’t win their case.

I don’t know if they are singling me out in Halifax and doing that because I am in a Death Metal band or what.”

Collapse is currently only available in Digital Format Only and you can hear their latest single “I Don’t Care What You Say” on their Bandcamp page at
More details to be provided later.

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