Sunday, August 11, 2019

Is John Wayne Always Drunk Or What?

I never really watched John Wayne Movies much when I was little but they were pretty prominent in the background with other people.

I thought John Wayne was a gunfighter, which he does, like Clint Eastwood but he isn't. That stuff's like Barney or something for babies from like 75 years ago or something, like it's the basis for Woody and the movie Toy Story.

Yeah, John Wayne's not a big cowboy, that's a bunch of singing and dancing for kids in the 1940's. Just watch him, he looks like a babysitter or something running some play or something.

That's all free on YouTube, watch the end of this movie Mclintock! from 1963 Starting at around 1 hour 57 minutes into the film near the end.

John Wayne is obviously drunk the whole movie and staggering around, I mean bad at the end of the film. Then they fall off a balcony and stuff and then is obviously NOT John Wayne running around and it's some double in his outfit doing all the running for him for the behind shots.

Then it's just all close ups of him ranting drunk or something, bad editing and everything I almost died laughing at the end of this movie. John Wayne is just drunk and he's got some guy doing all the running around for him bad, then it's all split together right bad like it's super obvious.


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