Monday, August 5, 2019

Summer Politicial Update 2019

US Defence Contractors Will Be Stopped in Canada
Looking at the news and politics today you can't even believe what you are reading, the United States Military and Government is so openly corrupt with policies right to our faces you should all be stark raving mad.

Now this is somewhat of a long topic and you will have to look this stuff up to verify it all but that is not hard, the rest is obviously easily interpreted and common sense. These topics may be new to you as well as continuing with early topics I discussed on this page.

Here is the whole point to get started.

High ranking staff of the United States Military do not own our work in Canada as private citizens from Washington D.C. as they are claiming, and our private work at home here in Canada does not "belong" to them just because we are sitting here.

What they mean is that they want our work as citizens in Washington D.C. in "their hands first" that they will then use as a private defence contract and hire us later out of our own work, like what happened to me at Sobeys Company in Nova Scotia.

Now Washington D.C. Military Staff in charge of these defense contracts in the United States I am going to tell you something now. 

In fact, you are all going to know that your voice in the Military in Washington D.C. is not the only voice in the United States and Canada coming here with your second and third world policies from Croatia, Africa and The Middle East and trying to enforce them on Canadian Citizens.

What I am telling you High Ranking Military Officials in Washington D.C. is that my work is my property and you have no claim on it in the United States Military to say that you can use it first without paying me a salary for it.

I'm telling you that the Military does not "automatically" own my work and material because you are just sitting there in Washington D.C. to use for you and your friends at the Defense Department to hand out contracts and live off at home from your private group in the Military.

As you represent in the news, politics and the business community.

Now I have examples of everything I am talking about that I will list.

The Canadian Constitution does not allow High Ranking Military Officials to come here cross border and claim to own my work without payment like you are claiming in your polices, then what? You plan to use my work on a defense contract for the United States Military and then use that to learn to be my boss, then later hire me out of my own work like they tried to pull on me at Sobeys Company?

Well it's like this, you're the Army. If you're here in Atlantic Canada from Washington D.C. looking for a fight then that is what you will get.

I'm going to tell you something, if I do work on my own I am in charge of it not you in Washington D.C. that means I am the boss of it - not you.

That means I get all the money for being in charge and inventing the work NOT YOU in the United States Military at the Defense Department handing out contracts to all your second and third world friends and trying to make us in Atlantic Canada work in a third world environment from Washington D.C. in a first world country like Canada. 

Do you have that. 

Another thing is this, you are no one. You have no support, no allies - nothing.

Your second and third world defense contract policies with your private staff will be the end of your government in The United States of America is what will happen.

What you have to understand is that in the United States Washington D.C. is so far South from us here in Canada, Europe and Russia that they have adopted all these second and third world policies for work, contracting and employment and no longer represent us in the Northern Hemisphere in the Colder Areas with Winter etc. 

I feel sorry for the citizens in the southern United States who have to put up with these Military Officials running defense contracts in Washington D.C. with Croatian and African polices when your living in popular vacation areas.

Come off it man, you people in Washington D.C. bringing these policies to Canada are going to be executed for treason right in the public.

For example Washington D.C. High Ranking Military Officials in Canada citizens don't "job share" their positions so three people can live off one salary like you do with the Defense Department and in places like Croatia and Africa. 

What Washington D.C. is saying is that the only way they will hire your for a job I if you go out and get a bunch of work together for like $150,000 a year making computer software for the stock market then they want you to "job share" it with them like in a second world country.

Like all your Defense Contracting positions are all Second and Third World "job sharing" like in some kind of "tribal scenario" where one person gets the big job and everyone shares it with them for a little piece each.

No Washington D.C. I am not giving up my full wages of $150,000 a year to start so you can be my boss of my own work and have two other people share my wages, like you friends at your offices, so 
we get $50,000 each for three people so your friends can work here with me like you do in Croatia where Government and Business is illegally mixed together.

How about this Hight Ranking Senior Admirals in The Washington D.C. Military - you get nothing from me...then you're going to pay me money.

The other option is you will have no public support or citizens and you will be out of power, and in fact you don't represent us anyway.

Well who do you represent then?

That's represent yourself. Then you want people like me to "give you my work" for free to make Defense Contracts out of it and then you say you'll give me a job out of my own material like at Sobeys Company in Canada.

Well if you officials in the United States Military coming cross border into Canada with these policies are looking for a Civil War against you from United States and Canada citizens over our personal property then you will get one.

In fact, I welcome it....then you will find out how fast you will be stripped in Washington D.C. of your fake status with your bogus defense contracts from US and Canadian Citizens.

Remember, you are our staff as citizens NOT the other way around. Saying that in your policies means that you are second and third world not Canada or the United States in your Military and Government Policies.  

I'm going to remind you all in there that Canada and the United States are still first world countries unlike what you Admirals are claiming in there in Washington D.C. at the United States Military coming here with your second and third world job sharing policies looking for us to share our work positions with you and your friends so we can only make a third of our wages and let you be our boss when we made the work.

This reminds me of a story that happened to me at Sobeys Company who uses your second world job sharing program from the United States Military contracts in Washington D.C.

Their staff said to me that they were taking my work then I had to job share it with the management teams for no promotion. Then they wanted me to abandon the starting wage of $150,000 a year as Project Manager and Software Designer so that they could all share my position and only pay me $35,000 a year. 

Not only that they wanted me to train the Department Director to be the new Vice President of the department so he could get my promotion and a part of my salary. Like they wanted to job share my management position and get me to show them how to be the boss.

Then with my own work they wanted to be in charge of my desk and only pay me $35,000 a year and steal the rest of the salary for him and his friends in the office in a second world job sharing program like in Croatia.

That is the same policy the United States Military uses to issue Military Defence and Government Contracts - Second and Third World Job Sharing like in Croatia and Africa.

Why would I take a second world position with my own work in Canada? Well no one would, but you all make me out as some "sucker" in the United States Military and Government pretending that I'm going to share my work on your contracts so I can get a position with my own work. 

Yeah I don't think so. 

If you people in Washington D.C. want my work on your contracts then you will pay me what I want, and I will be in charge not you. You can also guarantee that there will be no job sharing off my position and I will be claiming my full wages.

When I say work I mean stuff like mp3 and Smart Phone designs, SAP Designs and stuff like that which they want from citizens to issue on Defense Contracts to their private group then they want to be the boss of your own work and only play you one third of the money like in Croatia - right here at my desk in Canada.

Companies like Accenture, SAP, Lockheed Martin, Sobeys etc. will not even hire me for a job to work on Government and Military Contracts because they want to own my designs for their company first - that's why they won't give me a position.

Then when you go in for an interview it's some guy who doesn't understand the work and won't hire you because you'll make more money than him and they won't hire you because they want to own your work.

Then the company itself wants to take your software designs to run their company off for free and won't give you a position. Then they want you to give them the work for free in Washington D.C. at the United States Military so they can be your boss first, after that they say they will hire you for a lower wage later after they get your material for free.

Yeah, I don't think so. I'll be starting my own business instead and keeping the software designs for myself thanks and all the money.

Yes, but that is their policy in Washington D.C. at the Military handing out Defense and Government contracts. If you have too much they won't hire you and then want it for themselves first just like at Sobeys Company. Then you have to take a shitty wage off your on material - yeah I don't think so. Then they have brought this cross border into Canada. 

That is second and third world job sharing from Washington D.C. NOT Canadian. 

In fact, all their policies are against the Constitution anyway coming here cross border and pulling that second world shit on us. That's why there's no work in Canada much, it's a second world job sharing like in Croatia from Washington D.C.

Well never mind then if you don't like me in the United States Military in Washington D.C. with my software designs for software contracts I'll just get my electric guitar and fuckoff back to the beach like you said to me then. You won't have it. 

Then they are what suppressing new technology that will allow free phones, wireless cable and cheaper food and housing plus free power. 


So they can all job share and cost cut us as the Defense Department for one third wages and hold the 5G Free Internet Network in private hands at the Military that was paid for by tax payers and given to defense contractors that won't hire people like me to work on their contracts because they only pay one third. 

There is a word for that - scabs. 

All those people are job scabs, they will never get my material.

Not only that Washington D.C. is blocking Canada from having prostitution while they give it to themselves and Mexico probably and not allow Canadians to have sex with prostitutes.

Then they will not allow us to have sex in Canada by blocking us at the United States border and refusing us to allow prostitution while they openly have it. 

That is why they are out of business, there is no place in Canada to allow prostitution. That is coming from Washington D.C. they are blocking sex and work by not allowing us to go there for wages and then keeping the border closed.

Then they are trying to milk our economy dry with illegal defense contracts, illegal job sharing and not allowing us access to prostitution and keeping all the high class prostitute workers inside the United States an not allowing us access in Canada.

Then they want us to work for one third wages at companies on SAP contracts etc. and then own our private material.

The North American border have to come out like in Europe so we can all have equal share of all those functions from Canada to the Caribbean and Central America.

The United States Military must be forced to STOP using these oppressing rules against Canadian citizens that do not allow us to have these functions they are all using.

Not only that are blocking Nova Scotia from restoring our Sunday Shopping Referendum laws and not allowing citizens to access Washington D.C. or Ottawa's functions so that accountability can be given from the citizens for things like the Federal Income Tax Laws, the Sunday Shopping Referendum and event's like 9/11.

Instead we have been given from Washington D.C. Private Defence Contractors from the United States Military that have come to Canada and blocked us from restoring our Constitutional Elections in Atlantic Canada and put in a "plug" between us here in Nova Scotia and Ottawa and Washington D.C. so we can't access their functions while they drain our economy, face no accountability, keep our borders closed and refuse to allow prostitution in Canada while they have everything for themselves in Washington D.C. 

Then they came here and put in second and third world job sharing polices and are trying force themselves on us from Washington D.C. in Canada into giving them our private corporate software designs and then making us work for one third in a job sharing position or they won't hire us. 

Then guess what just happened?

Ottawa has lost control of the situation and offers no accountability for these illegal laws in Nova Scotia and has never offered an explanation.

Now they want to come here to Canada from Washington D.C. to buy prescriptions cross border without giving anything back PLUS now they are saying that Alberta wants to separate from Canada and they already started making "proclamations" from the Premiers Office in Alberta with no vote or proper legal government procedures under Canada's Constitution. 

Then what do they want?

After they separate they want to give Alberta's Oil Fields to Private Defense Contractors running oil companies through Washington D.C. and keep all of Alberta's Oil in private hands cross border with the United Sates from the Military in Washington D.C. issuing the government contracts.

Then they want to connect the pipeline with California through private defense contractors from the Military in Washington D.C. and keep all the profits in private hands all through citizens tax money that sections of the United States Military are siphoning using Government and Military Computers built by defense contractors and stolen from the US Government.

That's the only explanation as to how they are passing these fake laws in Canada and the United States and "plugging" Atlantic Canada from access to Washington D.C. and Ottawa from restoring our Constitutional Elections in Nova Scotia.

Then they are just "holding us here" in Atlantic Canada and trying to drain our money through job sharing positions and not hiring qualified people like myself because they want to own my designs for free and then blocking everyone's access to Washington D.C. and Ottawa to restore our laws and economy.

Then they are doing this right to the public's face in Washington D.C. from the Military and Companies and asking for recognition from the United States Congress to say they are allowed to own California in private hands and embargo Atlantic Canada from the United States through the Military and Defense Contractors and force us into a second or third world job sharing policy like in Croatia with no Canadian Constitutional Rights.

All right in the public to our faces with no explanation from Ottawa or Washington D.C. and no reprimands to these people from the citizens.

Now they want to connect California with Alberta and steal all the oil money from Canada for Private Contractors from Washington D.C. working on Defence and Government Contracts and connect them all and steal more from Canada and the United States citizens tax money.

Again all done illegally with stolen citizens tax money through the United States Military and Defence Department cross border in both Countries - outrage is to say the least of the feelings you should have about this issue.

Here is the point - there is NO WAY Alberta will be allowed to separate from Atlantic Canada and keep the oil money for United States Private Interests from the US Military in Washington D.C.  

That oil money will be split up with the rest of the provinces so that we can all get our equal share back to citizens in all Provinces of Canada just like the rest of our resources.

That's what I mean, if you High Ranking Military Officials from Washington D.C.  want a Civil War from people like me in Canada and the United States over our work, possessions and money plus your suppression of technology that makes everything cheaper then you will have it.


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