Sunday, August 25, 2019

Where My Court Case Is Headed This Week

Today I wrote the media and the Canadian and United States Governments as well as the International Court Of Justice to explain my case against the Nova Scotia Government and reveal how it is one of the worst Constitutional cases I've even seen personally in court.

What I am telling you is that if you experience issues like this you may be being targeted as a kidnapping victim or sex slave right etc. because of their methods. Corrupt government workers use tools like that to lure people out of regular court proceedings and into situations they are unware of and do not know their rights are being violated.

That is what I reported them for over my court case.

There are many examples of Government workers and Corporate Business people setting up kidnapping and slave rings and what I experienced in Halifax is an exact match for these criminals operations.

So if you get harassed by government workers you may be being targeted for future crimes, luring you out or kidnapping.

This is why I am taking this matter so seriously.

This is their method, corrupt government workers will tell you the wrong laws and procedures to see how stupid you are to them, then if you believe them they will think you are a victim and prey on you outside.

In a situation where they file a summons on you that is fake and won't let you appeal the errors on their summons, that is illegal. Then they make you pay to counter the errors, that is extortion.

So they make you pay the courts, that money may be going to them and not actually the government and they are just extorting you.
After that what they do is they only allow you to see "partial government laws" because they know you are gullible to them and can't afford the rest of the rules on your case because you have to pay at the courts to resolve the rest of the issues.

Some people don't know how to handle that.

Then these government workers and people they know like from big companies try and lure you into a situation where you only know a partial law book and can't defend yourself to them.

Then they assault you or you could get kidnapped by being tricked with fake laws.

So if you believe that their actions against you at government offices are illegal you need to report that to everyone in the government so that someone can find out about it and help you, which is what I did. 

Never participate in anything that you think is outside the law with a government worker, you will get kidnapped or assaulted at home.

In my case I didn't owe the money, so they have to cancel the hearing.

I am trying to have a lawyer cancel the hearing early this week.

If they force me to attend I am going to the hearing against my permission and telling them of the above issues and leaving and telling them that it is being differed to the Civil Courts and they are not allowed to make a decision in the hearing.

Then I am suing them again for a second time for additional damages for having the hearing and will continue to do that for every infraction until they stop their proceedings right to their face in public and writing the news the whole time with my case updates.


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