Thursday, August 8, 2019

Did I Join The United States Military?

I Am Not In The United States Secret Service
No, no, no this rumor is all wrong. The actual story is I was years ago I was going to join the Secret Service in Canada - CSIS or whatever it's called.

That's for like protecting the President and stuff. I have s story about this that I can share, the actual story is that I DIDN'T join the Secret Service. However, I was going to enlist in CSIS in Canada years ago but other things happened. 

That was back when I was in my twenties, the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City were in my first week of University at St. Francis Xavier University and that compelled me to take stock market programs like Project Management and Stock Market Compliance for the SEC, I just like saying it the United States way, to catch stock market criminals after 9/11/2001.

When I was working at Sobeys Company and doing my Certification hours for Project Management I was working in a lot of areas including Stock Market Compliance, then at the time I was planning to enlist in the Secret Service in Canada to use my Corporate knowledge and "think tank" like intelligence to bring to the Secret Service to help take down Stock Market Criminals after September 11,2001.

At the time was I was working at Sobeys Company I was planning to enlist in CSIS and I was concerned that I using too much marijuana back then which is against their enlistment policies and I was going to clean myself up first and finish my Certification Hours and go back later. 

That never happened but I did all the work in Stock Market Compliance in SAP Software etc. and then what happened was I caught Sobeys in Breach of Stock Market Compliance and people tried to steal my regular money and band Collapse in some kind of pyramid or Ponzi scheme, Amway even came to my house and tried to talk to my family at the time. 

What happened was I ended up taking the reward money for catching breaches of the Constitution against me and the Province of Nova Scotia under the Sunday Shopping Referendum controversy.

What everyone was saying to me was that their was no Canada and they were illegally trying to take my money in a scam with no Constitutional rights when the courts illegally cancelled fair voting in the Province.

Instead of me joining the Secret Service for the SEC I ended up winning a lawsuit against Sobeys Company for constitutional infractions against me from them and the Nova Scotia Government in the background of the illegal referendum law.

So I turned them all in for the reward money,millions of dollars in damages from Sobeys and the Federal Government when I was doing compliance and then going to join Canada's Secret Service. Like, I'm no small fish. That is one of my top area's of study like for a think tank for the FBI.

All that's not even a secret and in fact I tell everyone I'm doing that and I even go around saying I'm a Government rat for the Secret Service right to their faces, I think I even copied Sobeys staff who are witness in the Court Cases on the emails when I turned their company into the United States and Canadian Congress as well as the SEC and New York Stock exchange. 

In fact I can't even believe that Sobeys is still open, like I said 11 years  might not be long enough for that stuff to come around. 

What I'm saying is that I didn't join CSIS or whatever because I'm going to be rich of Government Settlements because the case never expires but it takes like twenty years to put through the courts with legal teams, it's probably going to cost me $800,000 in legal fees to take my case to the Federal Government and I will win like $200 Million Dollars in Damages.

I am hearing today that people involved in that old scam against me are still at it in their scams and with all the new things happening they will probably all end up getting life in prison for Ponzi and Pyramid schemes like on the show American Greed. 

I will explain the background, now not only I am I going to sue Sobeys which may not exist by then and will just be a government settlement I am also going to sue the government over the Sunday Shopping Referendum because that was the background that Sobeys tried to steal my material under no constitutional voting in Nova Scotia.

That's why I'm trying to get them on Treason to give them life in Prison or send them to Europe to be executed - whoever I can get in the case. The reason is takes so long is because the case is so large and is now cross border into the United States.

It will take twenty years to compile the case and cost me $800,000 for legal teams it is so large. Then I am using the Civil Court Testimony to hand over to Federal Prosecutors in Ottawa and Washington D.C. to press charges against them - like when I was going to join CSIS.

Today my court case is just going to be evidence against them for Federal Prosecutors and then I am going to try and give the people trying to steal my work and money life in prison.  

What has changed recently is I have decided to use the Civil Court evidence to prosecute the witnesses in my Civil Court Case against Sobeys and the Federal Government over the referendum to give them all life in prison for trying to steal my work and money when they claimed their was no free elections in Nova Scotia which is Treason.

Now I'm going after them all to give them a life sentence and I want everyone to know so they can put the run to them and stay away from them for their safety.

Not only that, Sobeys business partners Whole Foods in the United States are in the Corrupt 9th Circuit Court now, stealing trade mark cases or something I would assume, that always sides against the President and the Constitution and that was also the SPP and North American Union group probably.  

What am saying today is that it was probably the North American Union Group and SPP group that illegally changed the laws in Nova Scotia Cross Border to have Sunday Shopping in Nova Scotia from the United States.

What will happen is all the old staff at Sobeys will be called into to testify in both cases at some point for my civil damages plus the Sunday Shopping Case and if they are found responsible they will be facing lawsuits and life in prison from the Federal Government.

Also, if they came cross border and changed the laws illegally from the United States they will be given life in prison in Canada and be sentenced to death for Treason in the United States for coming cross border through the stock market and be executed from Washington D.C.

What I am saying is that that NAU/SPP tried to overthrow the Canadian Government and change the laws in Nova Scotia and are running Ponzi and Pyramid scams here saying there is no constitution and trying to change the laws and steal my money. 

The sentence for the Ponzi Scams is life in prison in Canada and the Death Penalty in the United States at the same time for Treason in both Countries.

So these people claiming to be owning my money and trying to take it in scams right in the pubic are all witness in both cases are all facing life in Prison for Ponzi Scams from the United States and some possibly facing execution in the United States for Treason and I turned them all in.    

So I never needed to become a Federal Agent for the Secret Service because I struck it rich off lawsuits doing my prep work and just decided to stay in business and music. 

Don't be afraid of that around me though because the FBI and the Federal Government would just be using my case as bait to catch large white collar criminals for Ponzi Scams and giving them life in Prison and trying to catch people committing Treason.

That's why it is so safe around me and the Government probably over looks smaller events like the Hells Angels and Drug Dealing and lets them get away will all that around me and my money coming and probably considers them "assets" when the Secret Service and FBI is trying to catch the Ponzi Scams.

That's what I would assume anyway, that the Government and Federal Agents like the FBI would just overlook all the drug dealing and Hell's Angels activity around where I live because they are using me as bait to catch Traitors, War Criminals and large Ponzi Scams and don't care about drug dealing and stuff and just overlook at that.

All that smaller activity would just be considered as "assets" to the FBI and they would allow that around me when they are trying to catch the larger criminals like the Ponzi Scams from New Glasgow, NS coming out places like Sobeys and Amway.

So if you know me don't worry about any of that Government activity because it only makes you safer, like they would probably say you were a government asset and not bust you maybe because of the large white collar criminals in the area. Right, so regular people like the Hells Angels and drug dealers you don't need to be scared of that because they would just use your activity around Halifax to catch the larger criminals.  

Stuff like that only makes it safer around me, plus I am getting like a $200 Million Dollar settlement in like fifteen years for turning them in - like reward money.

That is the update - not only am I suing Sobeys now I am suing over the referendum and they are all coming to testify in both cases and I am pushing for life in Prison from Federal Prosecutors when my case gets going for them trying to steal my work and money and trying to ruin my music career in 2008.


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