Friday, August 23, 2019

POLITICAL UPDATE: Canada In Need Of Deal With Denmark & UCP Party Falls Short In Ottawa

Denmark's Youngest Prime Minister - Mette Fredirksen
The story is that Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland from Denmark and they have been told no.

No, Canada needs to buy Greenland from Denmark from Halifax from the traditional Country of Nova Scotia for inside of Canada as oversight.

In exchange Canada and Denmark with both get an extremely valuable deal. Myself as I specifically represent the traditional Country of Nova Scotia, which is all of Atlantic Canada as a separate Country within a larger unified Canada from Halifax, need this deal with Denmark to help establish European relations with Nova Scotia as a reunited separate Country that still falls under Canadian Governance.

In the future Canada will act as a "Governing Body" over all of Canada from Ottawa to deal with the local political issues of the smaller regions inside it. The Federal Government with then act as an oversight for Canada with maybe a more direct impact in a Centralized Ontario.

I am purposing from Halifax on behalf of the Canadian Federal Oversight in Ottawa a two way land sharing agreement to bring Denmark into Canadian Politics which will strengthen their Country in Europe by giving them access to the Canadian Government in Ottawa for resources and Increased Political Strength in Europe.

Greenland which is actually in Nova Scotia / Atlantic Canada would be annexed by the Federal Canadian Government the overseeing body in Ottawa to merge Greenland with Canada's North West Territories establishing an expanded map of Canada and opening relations with Denmark.

Denmark in exchange would then get things from Canada like my Political Platform which will support them in Europe to make them a more stronger and free Country. 

Halifax and Ottawa would then help write and support Denmark's laws and political spectrum to make them a better Country with larger financial support. Meaning Denmark would stay an independent Country in Europe but be backed by Canada and receive things like minerals and resources into Denmark to back their Economy.

Canada would then Politically back Denmark in Europe to allow them to have access to our countries resources which will strengthen them in Europe. 

This would also in return give Canada an increased Political voice in the Northern European Region and allow their Citizens to have access to Canadian trade and political positioning. 

This could be a great deal for many citizens in the Denmark and surrounding regions as it will open them up to being in a "Canada like environment" in Europe giving them more power and freedoms. Citizens there if unsatisfied could "turn to Canada" to help enforce their laws and political movements locally in their local regions which would be backed by the Canadian Government.

Meaning that small Countries like Denmark would have a more powerful ally like Canada backing them when directly facing a European crisis. This would also open Canada's relations with Norway, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands which would in a new trade deal with Canada through Denmark would then open new relationships in Europe from Canada in the Region. 

This would open up new trade routes in Central Europe from Canada which would back them with our large resource base and Canadian laws to strengthen their European Political Position and give their citizens more freedoms. 

The smaller European Countries like Denmark through the deal which have a large Country like Canada backing them to strengthen them Politically in Europe, Canada which will be making new trade deals with China for products and support would then include these new products to be dumped into the Denmark region and then distributed across their new trade deal network to bring cheap products to their slower economies in Europe. 

This will open up new jobs, more money, cheaper products and make them stronger countries that are backed by Canada, with new cheap goods from China through our deal. Canada in return would get Greenland and stay locked in a deal with Denmark that would act as the figurehead in Copenhagen on behalf of Halifax for Ottawa. 

All that would report back to Ottawa later for Canadian Federal Oversight.

This on the ground in Denmark in Central Europe would act as the voice of Canada in the region giving Canada a large voice in the European political spectrum.

Cities like Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Berlin, Prague, Warsaw, Vienna, Brussels and Amsterdam would then have direct access to Canada's resources through new trade deals with Denmark in Copenhagen to give them access to cheap goods, more freedoms and make them stronger Countries that are backed by Canada and China through trade deals.

This would also strengthen the economies of Canada and China by opening up our access to new European Markets though Halifax in Nova Scotia which would then be regulated by Ottawa for Federal oversight.  

Denmark and Europe


At first glance the UCP seems like a good idea but the initial inception of a Unified Conservative Party falls short in Canadian Politics and offers no clout in Ottawa against us regular Conservatives and Republicans or even the Governing Liberals in Ottawa.

In fact the UCP party is only trying to take advantage of the new younger leadership of people like Justin Trudeau and Mette Frederiksen from their outdated UCP Party in Alberta. 

I'm certain there will be no deal from Ottawa or Copenhagen for the UCP in Alberta to allow cheaper oil from Alberta to flow to Denmark and European Countries as their Leadership only offers stalling tactics and cheap political maneuvering with groups like Access Nova Scotia who I am currently suing in the Nova Scotia Courts in Civil Litigation. 

In fact the UCP Party and Political Groups in Nova Scotia are directly connected in policy and offer only stalling tactics to stay in office and any deal with them only strengthens their positions first to keep them in power.

Total UCP Failure In Ottawa
There will ne no fair deals in Canada under the UCP or Access Nova Scotia as they have failed Government Procedures that fall apart in the Courts with no proper appeals or paper work which is what has happened to me.  

All over the news in Nova Scotia and Alberta is Citizen Outrage as the UCP and Access Nova Scotia only offer a "partial solution" to citizens needs and their own procedures fall apart in their Government Buildings leaving citizens "stranded" to deal with their own issues which are not resolved under their policies.  

This is the number one waste of money in Canada from groups like the UCP and Access Nova Scotia, their partial platform offers no free solutions to Canadian citizens to correct errors on their Government files.

Every time you have an issue they can't resolve you what do you have to do?

All they do is then throw in on Supreme Court Judges to determine an outcome and have no direct solutions because they have an incomplete political platform.

Failures of the UCP or Access Nova Scotia are then handed down directly to citizens to deal with in Canada's courts creating a large financial burden and straining the Courts in Canada with a large financial crisis to resolve the matters abandoned by their failed Government Procedures.

My traditional Conservative / Republican Political Platform has all these issues covered in advance, under our leadership citizens will not have to fall onto the Courts to resolve their issues as we already have it covered for free under traditional Government policies and offer free regular resolutions with no court involvement at all Government Offices.

That means if you have to go to Court because of errors caused by the Government that will no longer be around as it has already been covered and our leadership will work with you for free to fix Government mistakes and take the financial strain off the citizens and Courts of Canada.  

Groups like the UCP challenging Ottawa only offer a partial platform and any deal with them is only to keep them in charge for their own means, Ottawa with regular processes and direct access to Canada's courts for citizens is able to quickly resolve their issues and stay in power with regular political means with no political "short cutting" to stay in office like Access Nova Scotia and the UCP. 

Groups struggling in Europe in Norway, Sweden and Germany will have access to new political freedoms through a Denmark deal with Canada for annexation of Greenland which will allow free court resolutions for citizens in Denmark and the surrounding regions through the Courts of Canada.


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